Grip Security’s SaaS Governance Platform

Additional Info

CompanyGrip Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Grip Security will be the first solution to truly solve the modern SaaS Security problem – providing effective and comprehensive visibility together with protection across the entire SaaS portfolio. It solves the SaaS security problem using a three-tiered approach – Discovery; Access Management; Data Governance.

#1 (Discovery) provides comprehensive visibility across nearly all enterprise SaaS, known or unknown, locating both apps and users with extreme accuracy and minimal false positives. Grip’s product leverages a unique set of sources for SaaS-user interactions such as email metadata (signups, password resets), SSO logs, expenses, and more. Performing discovery through these data sources does not only deepen SaaS visibility, providing both immediate detection as well as historical insights, but also allows for an easy, 15 minute deployment, only requiring 1-2 API keys to be issued, with zero proxies and zero agents.

#2 (Access management) Using Grip, enterprises can secure all SaaS application access regardless of device or location. Grip enables this capability by acting as an authentication escrow, extending and enhancing your existing IdPs, and is installed as an enforceable, auto-propagated browser enhancement. This works for SSO-onboarded applications as well as password-based ones, automatically extending the password-less experience and your IdP policies with device-integrity capabilities, to the entire application portfolio.

#3 (Data governance) Finally, Grip leverages the fact that the solution is present in all interactions with SaaS applications to map data flows between applications and devices and enforce security policies to prevent data loss and restrict data movement across the entire SaaS portfolio – PII, customer data, source code and more.

How we are different

Grip raised $25M in the 9 months since being founded, raising the fastest A round in security for 2021 for its mission to empower CISOs to see and secure all SaaS, automatically and at scale.

For years enterprises tackled the SaaS problem with legacy solutions, like CASB, and found that it failed to stand up to its promises and only piled more work on their desk. For them, Grip is both an eye-opener to the scale of their SaaS challenges, and a solution to address it effectively.

Grip's offering is simple: generate 1 or 2 API keys, and gain comprehensive visibility into your inventory of SaaS and users. Zero proxies, no agents and 15 minutes to install. Then, depending on your risk appetite, set streamlined policies over SaaS access and data movement. The next time a new app is onboarded, you’ll get instant controls and visibility, without lifting a finger. Grip empowers your SaaS Security ecosystem, also increasing the value you get out of your identity and SSO platforms.