Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Group-IB
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware

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• Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform (FHP) is client-side digital identity protection and fraud prevention in real time, which combines cutting-edge patented technologies to detect and prevent fraud built on deep knowledge about fraudsters and their infrastructure collected by Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution (TI&A)
• Tracking of fraudster activity across different online resources, automatically correlates and reuse it to stop fraudsters in real time. Collecting and visualizing fraudsters activity in a graph for further investigation to hunt against them.
• Patented real-time behaviour analytics to fight with social engineering attack, distinguish real end-users over bot. Zero-trust technology to check every request in the whole end-user session goes from client-side if it originated from a legitimate application, by real end-user or bot mimicking its activity with copied session tokens from real session.

Brief Overview

Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform (FHP) is a client-side digital identity protection and fraud prevention solution, working in real-time across different channels. Group-IB FHP is comprised of 4 modules: Web Snippet & Mobile SDK that collect information on user device and behavior, Preventive Proxy which detects and prevents bad bot activity, Processing Hub used to correlate and analyze the collected data. Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform protects major companies from account takeover, social engineering attacks, malware, bad bots, money laundering and more.
Fraud Hunting Platform sets two cookies for requests from a web or mobile application to its backend: GSSC and FGSSC. Analyzing their values on the customer’s side, it is possible to decide on further actions with the received request or the entire user session.
To counteract bot activity in the customer’s application, Fraud Hunting Platform implements Group-IB FHP Preventive Proxy module, which performs the user requests checks in synchronous mode and allows to:
• pass the requests from trusted sources or from “legal” bots (search engines, etc.);
• mark requests with additional HTTP-headers for their subsequent processing on the application backend;
• respond to request from a bot: block or redirect to another page.
Moreover, by using this technology you also could use information coming from user modules to block activity of a user in an automated manner by using Preventive Proxy.
FHP utilizes different ML algorithms in order to identify abnormal behavior and prevent fraud, reducing the cost of additional verification for transactions or eliminating the consequences of malicious actions.