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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Founded in 2009, GRSee Consulting became a one stop trust advisor when it comes to achieving compliance like ISO27k, SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more. We help companies build credibility and trust among their clients. GRSee Consulting consolidates compliance solutions that helps you efficiently achieve compliance without sweat, tears & headache.

Service overviews:

**Penetration testing**

A penetration test discovers & fixes hidden vulnerabilities in the system. The core intent behind a Pen-test is to discover vulnerabilities & protect your platform against internal & external malicious intent.

A team of seasoned pen-testers will simulate & perform a real-time cyber-attack in order to find vulnerabilities & draft a detailed report. This report is the way to discover & fix maximum exploit-case scenarios in your applications & infrastructure. In short, we make sure you know your vulnerabilities and fix them before someone else exploits them.

**vCISO Program**

vCISO brings in perspective, experience & strategy while building a security posture, managing risks & maintaining a safer cybersecurity environment. A vCISO (team) will construct & elevate your cybersecurity program to the next level. A vCISO offers a holistic approach while becoming the bridge between the business front and cybersecurity.

How we are different

- GRSee Consulting is the first-ever QSA company globally to certify a fully hosted AWS environment and has conducted over a thousand Penetration Testing with startups & businesses.
- The process used at GRSee Consulting is honed with over a decade-long experience of professional expertise and working with companies just like yours. While a seasoned team with visible timelines leads every project, you get closer to compliance.
- We own a track of success in retaining happy customers.
NPS > 95%
Retention rate > 90%