Guardicore Centra Version 5

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Guardicore
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Illumio - Guardicore offers more granular segmentation than Illumio because of its proprietary host-based firewall that is included in the Centra agent and is application aware. This allows consistent L4 - L7 policy expression and enforcement across both Windows and Linux. Because Illumio enforces with the native OS firewall, on Linux, their enforcement is limited to Layer 4. Guardicore also offers a much broader overall feature set, including breach detection and response, broader OS support, a more flexible and scalable architecture, and superior AI-based segmentation and cloud-native support.

Cisco Tetration - While used for segmentation, Cisco Tetration was designed for network performance and analytics. Guardicore offers more granular, application-level visibility and control and is much easier to use and scale. Guardicore scales well beyond Tetration’s limit of 25,000 workloads with a much smaller hardware footprint.

VMware NSX - Guardicore supports a broader set of security use cases than VMware NSX, including visibility, micro-segmentation, and breach detection. Guardicore offers process-level visibility and significantly better visualization, including the ability to save and analyze historical data. Unlike NSX, Guardicore can protect all platforms and deployment models through a single console and licensing model.

Brief Overview

Enterprise IT is evolving rapidly from a traditional data center model to predominantly hybrid cloud architectures. While this transformation helps many organizations achieve greater business agility and reduce infrastructure costs, it also creates a larger and more complex security attack surface. Attackers have taken notice and are evolving tactics to focus efforts on moving laterally between east-west traffic workloads.

The traditional approach to managing this type of malicious activity – from legacy firewall vendors proves insufficient as the antiquated technology is hardware-based, applies controls at the network level, and is unable to identify and contain cybercriminals’ lateral movement between various platforms and applications.

The Guardicore Centra security platform replaces legacy firewalls with the simplest and most effective software-based micro-segmentation solution to secure the data center, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Guardicore’s segmentation controls are completely decoupled from underlying infrastructure and applied at the workload level, providing unmatched visibility, protection, and enforcing zero-trust security across all critical assets and applications. And because Guardicore Centra is decoupled from the underlying infrastructure, it can be deployed rapidly with no changes to the network and zero system downtime.

In February 2020, Guardicore released Guardicore Centra Version 5. With Version 5, Guardicore protects cloud-native applications, including serverless computing and Platform as a Service, enabling security teams to visualize and control access to cloud-native applications from the same Centra platform where they secure applications running on bare metal systems, virtual servers, Infrastructure as a Service, and containers.

Version 5’s innovative use of AI further accelerates and simplifies segmentation and ongoing policy management. With AI-powered segmentation, security policies can be created in minutes with just a few clicks. Version 5’s AI-powered segmentation makes asset classification even easier and reduces the time and effort needed to apply a segmentation policy to new or existing applications.