HawkEye G

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Hexis Cyber Solutions
Company size (employees)~90
Type of solutionSoftware

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- By leveraging people, processes and technology, HawkEye G improves efficiencies and security without impeding end-user experience. Through multiple detection methods, HawkEye G provides improved visibility into threats, both on the network and endpoint. With better insight into their system, organizations can clearly focus on the threats that matter and quickly remediate them through automated and/or machine-guided capabilities.

-Given the overwhelming and sophisticated nature of today’s cyber-attacks, organizations can no longer rely on legacy technology to protect critical data. HawkEye G’s next-generation endpoint security solution provides a complete, integrated approach to protecting both the network and endpoints through detection, verification and response.

- HawkEye offers a unified approach to security that can corroborate actual endpoint behavior captured via the HawkEye G Host Sensors, HawkEye G Network Sensors, as well as third-party data. Continuous monitoring and event recording capabilities enable threat hunting and investigation to establish infection spread.


HawkEye G is a next generation endpoint detection and response cybersecurity platform. Purpose-built to improve detection, prioritize alerts and reduce false positives, it fights against malicious threats and today’s most advanced cyber attackers. HawkEye G seamlessly integrates into an organization’s existing security infrastructure to offer unparalleled protection through automated or machine-guided incident response.

HawkEye G offers the following capabilites for increased protection:

As an integrated platform, HawkEye G is equipped with real-time endpoint agents, spans network edge detection and fits within other 3rd party security ecosystems such as Palo Alto Networks and FireEye for detection and Splunk for increased threat intelligence.

HawkEye G’s host and network capabilities confirm a threat’s location to pinpoint exactly where a security professional must respond.

Leveraging HawkEye G, security professionals can kill malicious processes, restore registry keys and surgically remediate an endpoint, without compromising security or interrupting employee productivity.

Recent enhancements to HawkEye G 3.1 offer extended support coverage for Windows 10 and Linux platforms. This expanded platform support and increased ability to offer countermeasures for improved automated incident response capabilities creates a secure environment across all endpoints, servers and the network. Additionally, HawkEye G’s ThreatSync™ capability offers evidence-based detection and validation of unknown and known threats. ThreatSync will lower the time between perimeter breach, detection and threat verification, ultimately empowering security teams to quickly and confidently defend themselves against sophisticated adversaries.

HawkEye G promises customers a higher standard of security protection through automated or machine-guided response options. Understanding that legacy security technology and disparate point solutions are no longer able to combat against today’s cyber adversaries, Hexis Cyber Solutions’ flagship solution, HawkEye G, provides an advanced approach to prevention and detection.