HelpSystems Data Security Suite

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


HelpSystems’ Data Security Suite offers modular solutions for data-centric security to protect the actual data entrusted to organizations throughout its lifecycle and to target the growing number of vulnerabilities at creation, use, exchange, and disposal.

The foundation of this data-centric approach is HelpSystems’ Data Classification solution. With data classification as a best practice, to both identify and value data, organizations can accelerate further data protection adoption and help reduce user error when handling sensitive data.

Controlling and securing data requires protections beyond traditional infrastructure barriers. HelpSystems’ Data Loss protection (DLP) and Email Security solutions surround the data increasingly vulnerable to phishing and spoofing threats, ransomware and spyware, and inappropriate sharing. Unlike some all-out “blocks” which brings business to a screeching halt, robust HelpSystems’ solutions for DLP and email security protect sensitive data through redaction, encryption, and automated processes while still allowing legitimate communications to continue.

HelpSystems’ Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions further secure identified and sanitized files in motion and at rest. Centralized, enterprise-level technology can simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere securely, swiftly, and across all environments and applications with critical encryption and automation functionality. Combined with HelpSystems’ content analysis and adaptive DLP, sharing files with HelpSystems’ MFT software allows for more secure, streamlined collaboration and exchanges.

No matter where files travel, HelpSystems’ Digital Rights Management software encrypts and controls access to sensitive data to ensure protection is placed around access, use, and intellectual property inside and outside the organization. The foundational data classification applied at the onset automatically triggers data-centric policy enforcement all the way through to ultimate deletion of data.

How we are different

• The HelpSystems Data Security Suite addresses the need for modularity when approaching end-to-end data security.
• With seamless integration of security solutions from a single vendor, an initial pain point can be quickly addressed with additional components added for more rounded protection.
• With automated solutions, data is protected at rest, at creation, in transit, or while in use, ensuring regulatory compliance and user adoption of threat protection measures.