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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


HelpSystems is a rapidly growing software company that had tremendous growth in the cybersecurity industry in 2019, both organically and through acquisitions. HelpSystems provides cybersecurity solutions for secure file transfer, identity and access management, security and integrity monitoring, security policy management, encryption, data loss prevention, virus protection, penetration testing, intrusion prevention and detection, and security services.

HelpSystems’ cybersecurity business has grown 76% in 2019. Part of this growth was fueled by acquisitions. In February, HelpSystems acquired Core Security which is a leading provider of threat-aware, identity and access, penetration testing, and network detection solutions and services. The acquisition of Clearswift also took place in December to add adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) to the solution set.

From an organic growth perspective, HelpSystems achieve 13% growth in revenue for cybersecurity solutions in 2019.

How we are different

- HelpSystems provides a mulit-layered approach to cybersecurity which gives IT professionals the power to manage the increasing risks and threats they face.
- 76% revenue growth in its cybersecurity business year-over-year in 2019.
- More than 17,000 organizations around the world rely on HelpSystems to make IT lives easier and keep their businesses running smoothly and securely.