Hillstone iSource is a data-driven, AI-powered extended detection and response (XDR) platform that integrates massive security data, investigates correlations of incidents, identifies potential threats, automates security orchestration and responds cohesively across multiple security products and platforms. It brings a radical new approach to cybersecurity with complete visibility, highly accurate threats identification and swift containment and mitigation for unrivaled security operation efficiency.

Unified data collection from multiple security products with full visibility
Hillstone iSource collects various types of data, such as threat logs and incident reports, from almost any source across Hillstone’s product stack and as well as 3rd party products.

Advanced ML-driven analytics and detection
By synergizing the data and logs collected across the entire security fabric, as well as threat intelligence from top threat intelligence sources, Hillstone iSource can discover even stealthy and evasive threats, and attribute the attacks. Powered by machine learning technology and statistical algorithms, its behavior analytics engine helps distinguish anomalous activities among a large amount of integrated data. Its correlation analysis engine consolidates individual incidents for context awareness, and applies analysis to correlated data to identify high-fidelity incidents, provide a complete picture of an attack chain and further help in the investigation of the attack’s purpose.

Comprehensive vulnerability and risk management
Hillstone vulnerability management helps identify and present vulnerabilities by leveraging the industry’s leading vulnerability assessment solution.

Automated Security Orchestration and Cohesive Response
Hillstone iSource offers automated security orchestration and response capability with built-in playbooks, integrated interactions with Hillstone security products and the ability to assign tasks for collaborative case management.

Unified Management and Reporting with intuitive and customizable console
The customizable dashboard allows simple and rapid access to the organization’s security posture with comprehensive statistical information such as rankings and counters, as well as incident summarization and security trends with graphical charts and lists.