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Company size (employees)30+


After being in business just 10 months, HORNE Cyber has grown tremendously due to the value we are creating for our clients and the growing need for cybersecurity expertise. HORNE Cyber now works with some of the largest corporations in the southeast helping them build their cyber resilience through offense-oriented techniques, incident response planning, digital forensics, compliance and risk management advisory services.

Almost all of our clients have had 100% clean penetration testing reports from other firms prior to working with us. After an engagement with us, we have proven that what they thought was “secure” actually was not, helping them gain a true understanding of their security posture and increase their cyber resilience.

Our team members are leaders in cybersecurity. Having been invited to speak on many national platforms such as DEFCON, Black Hat, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group, our leadership is nationally recognized for their innovative approach in cybersecurity.

How we are different

- We have seen exponential growth in both revenue and employee count due to the level of value we deliver to customers.
- Our innovative way of approaching offense-oriented techniques has created immeasurable value for our clients.
- Our team is comprised of the nation's leading cybersecurity experts.