Hotshot Technologies, Inc.

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Organizations are being held to ever-increasing data security and privacy requirements in response to threats posed by untrustworthy technology companies, organized cyber criminals and nation-state cyber attackers.

Hotshot’s security compliant mobile messaging platform for businesses was developed to address these security and privacy needs in a simple, easy-to-use way. Hotshot’s messaging encryption combined with time- and location-based restriction policies allows users to access data only WHEN and WHERE they are authorized to do so.

This combination of security and privacy features reduces companies’ liabilities for cross-border data transfers regulated by GDPR and labor law liabilities such as those imposed by France’s “Right to Disconnect” law.

Hotshot uses a form of encryption which ensures that only the organization users have access to the data shared through the system. The app runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. None of the data shared through Hotshot (messages, files, etc.) is ever available to any unauthorized user. This prevents many data exposure problems that services like Office 365 and G Suite suffer from. Hotshot’s location-based encryption allows data owners to set defined geographic areas where users can access data. This feature helps organizations comply with the new GDPR Chapter 5 cross-border data transfer rules, assuring that data is only available in the location where customers have consented to its use. Hotshot’s time-based restrictions assure that employees are not receiving after-hours work-related messages, reducing employers’ liabilities from labor law requirements.

Hotshot was recently accepted into the Technoport Incubation program in November 2018. Technoport® ltd. is a technology-oriented business incubator and business support infrastructure owned by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade (55%) and the SNCI (45%), a public-law banking institution specialized in medium and long-term financing of Luxembourg based companies.

How we are different

• Hotshot’s patent-pending time- and location-based encryption represents the first time that strong data protections (end-to-end encryption) are associated with the actual location of the user (using location services and not easily-spoofable IP addresses) and time restrictions (to assure compliance with labor laws) in a simple-to-use application.

• Data owners can set specific policies to allow data access only from approved locations (whether a specific address, like a business office, or from an entire country or group of countries like the EU).

• Hotshot’s zero-trust architecture assures that only authorized users have access to the data and the encryption allows for data owners to easily revoke access to the data to any user at any time, even clawing the data back from users on their personal devices. This is also useful for controlled chat and collaboration with contract and 3rd party project team members.