How Votiro Revolutionizes CDR Technology

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Votiro is a trusted ally in helping mid-market companies & enterprises improve their security posture and adhere to zero trust principles. Votiro assumes all inbound files are malicious and proactively sanitizes every incoming file: neutralizing file-borne threats before they reach the endpoint and safeguarding your data. Votiro’s scalability, speed, and ability to offer open, API-based integrations with existing IT and application providers makes them the industry’s leading API-centric Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution provider.

Votiro’s new and innovative approach–dubbed Positive Selection® technology–both encompasses and goes beyond foundational CDR capabilities, making it the most advanced CDR solution available. Previous CDRs have traditionally been either (a) blockers of files, (b) content substitution (replace components of the file with something else), or (c) policy driven, or a combination of the three. The first two are safe, but are enormously intrusive on business operations and depend heavily on security staff resources. The third isn’t even safe. In other words, the benefits of previous CDR providers were outweighed by their constraints. Votiro gives you clean files, in milliseconds, without impacting the original functionality.

Votiro is also leading the charge in extending the traditional capabilities of CDR to move beyond just ‘disarming’ but also gleaning analytics to report on the types of threats targeting the organization’s network. Votiro’s stealthy and preventative technology does not alert users when a threat has been detected, it just automatically eliminates it, but through the recent launch of its RetroScan functionality, Votiro reports on the previously unidentifiable threats that were prevented. Most of these threats would have bypassed traditional detection-based technologies that rely on signatures, demonstrating the value of Votiro’s advanced sanitization mechanism.

How we are different

Votiro prevents the threats that detection-based technologies miss. Instead of scanning for known malware signatures and looking for known-bad elements, Votiro treats every file as malicious and always builds back to known-good. Votiro proactively disarms weaponized files before they enter the network and prevents virtually all file-borne attacks, ranging from unsophisticated commodity attacks to zero day attacks, including ransomware. By disarming files and retaining original functionality, business never slows down.

Votiro has sanitized billions of files without a file-borne breach. Sophisticated, global enterprises have tested the product’s performance and found it meets 100% of their file safety requirements.

Votiro not only supports over 160 different file types, but they provide unparalleled speed, scale, and flexibility. Votiro’s cloud-based, open API and auto-scaling functionality allows for limitless scalability to seamlessly accommodate surges in file throughput. Votiro can sanitize an industry-leading 100,000+ files per hour; In total Votiro santizes billions of files per year.