Security teams rely on multiple tools with the hope of detecting and responding to attacks, but the breadth and sophistication of cyber threats outstrip human-based detection and single-point solutions. As a result, SOC teams are overwhelmed with an ever-increasing volume of alerts and false-positives.

Security operations teams worldwide are exploring the value of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) in their existing security stack, both for detection efficacy and overall operational efficiency.

Hunters XDR is a purpose-built, turn-key data and security platform powering effective detection and rapid response to security incidents. Ideal for security operations teams working to contain technology sprawl, adapt to cloud-scale and extend the value of the existing data streams, Hunters’ open XDR is adopted as a modern SIEM replacement by the world’s largest enterprises.

Fortune 1000 companies use Hunters XDR to:

Extend Data Usability
Vendor-agnostic ingestion, normalization, cross-correlation and storage of data across the entire attack surface at cloud scale

Gain Incident Clarity
Accelerated threat detection, understanding and response workflow with an autonomous threat management system

Elevate Business Impact
Freed up SOC from rudimentary and repetitive tasks to focus on value added work, and freed up budget to build and improve security posture