Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP)

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Mobile workforces, cloud applications, and digitalization are changing every aspect of the modern enterprise. And with radical transformation come new business risks. Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) is the premier educational forum for identity-centric practitioners. Whatever industry sector or job function, HIP strives to provide its community the insights and relationships needed to enable and protect today’s digitally driven organizations.

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“HIP brings together the industry’s foremost IAM and IT security authorities with topics that are focused on securing hybrid identity systems, primarily Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.” said Gil Kirkpatrick, Chief Architect at Semperis and HIP conference founder. “Our mission is to connect technology experts and practitioners in an environment where they can exchange information, share war stories, and ultimately make their jobs easier and their networks and applications more secure.”

“I am really looking forward to the conversations at HIP,” said Alex Weinert, Director of Identity Security at Microsoft and HIP Conference speaker. “Identity security has never been more important. Our team sees first-hand the increasing volume and sophistication of attacks that prey on vulnerable accounts. HIP will provide a great forum to learn from each other. Working together, we have the opportunity to do much more to protect users from account compromise.”

For more information about HIP Conference 2020 and to learn about other HIP events, visit hipconf.com.

How we are different

With the disappearance of the network perimeter, identity has become the last line of defense from cyberattacks. Our mission is to make the world a safer place through peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge sharing.

1. Cutting-edge insights from the world's foremost hybrid identity experts:

HIP brings together cybersecurity experts, Microsoft MVPs, and global 500 companies, all working to solve complex identity infrastructure challenges. Speakers engage in conversations both on and off the stage. Attendees dive deeply into identity-related topics including:

• Navigating the hybrid identity threat landscape
• Implementing a passwordless authentication strategy
• Defending identity services
• Recovering from ransomware attacks
• Publishing on-premises applications for B2E and B2B

2. 100+ hours of content about today’s hottest hybrid identity topics:

HIP is the premier educational forum for advancing the skills of identity and cybersecurity professionals through highly technical demonstrations and collaborative workshops. We offer expert training that you can't find anywhere else. Our content-rich programs consist of vertical case studies, collaborative workshops, and emerging technology demonstrations. Participants discover innovative approaches and real-world solutions to safeguard directory services on-premises and in the cloud.

3. Interactive breakout sessions designed for all levels of experience

HIP believes that education is our strongest defense against cyberattacks. Whatever industry sector or job function, HIP strives to provide its community the insights and relationships needed to enable and protect today’s digitally driven organizations. Our hands-on breakout sessions are designed for all levels of experience, offering a diverse range of topics.

"I like HIP because it's super technical. If you’re interested in the bits and bytes of how these things work, this is a great opportunity." – Pam Dingle | Director of Identity Standards at Microsoft