i-Sprint’s AccessMatrix™ Universal Sign-On (USO/ USSO)

Additional Info

Companyi-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


AccessMatrix Universal Sign-On (USO) is a non-intrusive Enterprise SSO solution that enables organizations to achieve single sign-on to multiple applications and systems. In most organizations today, users are often required to remember many IDs and passwords to perform their various job functions. By deploying our enterprise single sign-on solution, our clients will improve staff and customer satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity and reduced administration costs. Client/server, host-based, Java-based and web-based applications are supported without source code changes.

Unlike other single sign-on products, manual client software installations are not required on the users’ desktops. The USO solution is built on the AccessMatrix security server. By leveraging on the AccessMatrix security server as the single sign-on server, the user benefits from additional security services like administration, audit and application level authorization. USO’s facilities for auto-installation, auto-configuration and self- service greatly simplify deployment and reduce maintenance effort. The central security server stores the users’ security- related properties for each application.

AccessMatrix™ Unified Single Sign-On (SSO) platform covers Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO), Federated Single Sign-On, Web Single Sign-On, and Mobile Single Sign-On. It provides an Identity Federation platform that supports popular identity protocols e.g. SAML 2.0, and OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect to provide the SSO capabilities for cloud and mobile applications. It is also extensible to embedded strong authentication solutions on the same platform.

How we are different

Company can strengthen password management for its employees, provide convenient for employees to access various applications seamlessly and reduce loss of productivity time in recalling/ resetting of passwords.

Unify SSO infrastructure by providing integration with all leading Web Access Control products to provide a unified SSO environment. It Integrate with existing Infrastructure by leveraging existing authentication methods and user registries.

i-Sprint is an established brand with proven track records of serving more than 200 customers worldwide. Our solution meets Internet Banking Security Guidelines from regulatory agencies in multiple countries, overcoming the security challenges of most internet and mobile banking solutions.