iboss Zero Trust

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The world has radically change in the way people and things are connected. People are working from everywhere but the resources and applications they need to do their work has moved everywhere as well. The applications and data are the critical resources that need to be protected from data loss, destruction and must be accessible when needed. Zero Trust allows organizations to protect their resources, including applications, data and services, by ensuring access to those applications is only possible through a security service edge. The iboss cloud is a Zero Trust platform that sits in front of all resources and only allows approved users to connect to those resources. It ensures that no application, data or service is directly accessible and protects organizations from data loss and breaches. The iboss platform also makes it possible for users to access applications and resources from wherever they work and wherever the resource is located. This makes access to information seamless and transparent to end-users while ensuring an organization gets the visibility and protection required to ensure they are reducing risk and increasing their security posture. The transaction to Zero Trust allows organizations to move from perimter-based security, or a castle-and-moat security strategy where protection is centered around buildings, to a world where security is baked into each and every connection to every resource being accessed by those who need it. The iboss platform is a pure implementation of the NIST Zero Trust Architecture defined in the NIST 800-207 publication.

How we are different

1. Transitions an organization from a perimeter-based cybersecurity strategy that is focused on protecting applications and data within the buildings to protecting resources located everywhere that need to be accessed by people working everywhere.
2. Enabled organizations to protect their applications, data and services while enabling users to directly access those resources in the cloud without having to use a VPN or connect through an office.
3. The future of applications, data, services and people is completely distributed and the need for people to directly access those resources from wherever they work is a requirement. iboss makes it possible for users to be productive and organizations to remain secure by providing a cloud security edge which bridges people to those resources while preventing data loss and breaches which reduces an organization's security risk.