Idaptive Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Currently, MFA is arguably the best single line of defense against malicious actors attempting to get access to networks and systems. Despite that, it’s not widely deployed due to cost barriers, integration difficulties, and excessive friction on end users and IT. Industrywide, the biggest issue holding back the adoption of MFA is that authentication capabilities are not applied consistently across apps and services we use.

That’s where Idaptive’s Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) comes in. Idaptive’s MFA provides a consistent, approachable, and secure login experience across all apps and devices, so businesses can enforce MFA everywhere in their organization without burdening IT and end users.

Idaptive’s MFA is powered by machine learning, adding an extra layer of protection before access to corporate applications is granted. By leveraging device, network, and user behavior context, Idaptive intelligently assigns risk to each access event and allows users to create dynamic access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected. This improves security with seamless and scalable access tailored to each individual.

Idaptive’s Adaptive MFA supports a broad range of authentication factors, making it easy for users, customers, and partners to securely access their applications and data. The solution also allows for passwordless authentication, eliminating the use of passwords altogether by securely authenticating users via a broad set of supported factors.

Self-service enrollment through the Idaptive User Portal, flexible authentication policies, and out-of-the-box reports make Idaptive’s Adaptive MFA solution very easy to administer.

How we are different

MFA Everywhere: With Idaptive, users can leverage multi-factor authentication to secure their entire organization, including apps, VPNs, workstations, virtual desktops, identity providers, and RADIUS servers.

AI-Powered MFA: Idaptive uses machine learning to build a baseline profile for each user, leveraging user-specific contextual attributes such as location, device, network, and time of the access request. This enables users to analyze access requests against historical patterns, assign risk to each access attempt, and create access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected. This approach dramatically reduces the burden on IT while also creating a seamless, automated experience for users. The platform constantly learns from its millions of user logins, and improves based on the significant volume of data it processes.

A simple user experience with choice: Idaptive’s Adaptive MFA is all about empowering users. Idaptive provides choice and flexibility, enabling users to choose authentication methods that make sense for them. Idaptive supports a comprehensive range of authentication methods, including passwords, smart cards, soft tokens, or cryptographic devices, such as YubiKeys. It also supports passwordless authentication by securely authenticating users via a broad set of supported factors.