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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


IDShield, a PPLSI identity and restoration protection brand, is helping over a million members navigate the conveniences and challenges of modern life without giving up their privacy. IDShield’s best-in-class service continuously monitors personal information, financial and social accounts. Our identity theft specialists consult on various online privacy and reputation management concerns to help members proactively avoid incidents. In the event of a compromised identity, members have direct access to Licensed Private Investigators for full-service consultation and restoration and a fraud protection plan of up to $1 million.

Through Identity and Dark Web Monitoring applications, IDShield provides innovative identity, credit, and financial account monitoring services including monitoring and notifications that are unique to IDShield. This service offers a mobile app where members can easily view their real-time alerts, track their credit score, and edit their personal information for monitoring.

Identity monitoring scans the surface web, dark web, underground forums, and file sharing sources to identify members exposed personal information. Monitored information includes email addresses, login credentials, credit cards, passports and more. The app also provides public record, high risk transaction, address change and other monitoring services.

IDShield provides an online reputation management application that proactively helps keep members’ social media reputation safe. The app searches both images and text across the member’s social networks for potentially damaging content, alerts the member of potential issues, and provides automated tools to help clean up the member’s accounts.

In addition to personal and family security products and plans, IDShield serves businesses with IDShield for Business. The cyberattack protection program offers companies with little or no IT personnel a comprehensive, affordable way to mitigate risk and recover from a cyberattack.

How we are different

Licensed Private Investigators: Participants have access to consultation services provided by our Licensed Private Investigators. If a participant experiences an identity theft event, one of our investigators will walk them through their issues with one-on-one advice tailored to the specific situation. Participants will have access to an assigned and dedicated investigator throughout the restoration process. All Licensed Private Investigators are licensed in the state of Oklahoma.

Comprehensive Monitoring: The plan monitors username and password combinations, credit reports, unauthorized use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Dark Web and internet, court records, public records, address change, telecom, high-risk application and transactions, medical data, death index, child monitoring, social media, payday loans, sub-prime loans, and sex offenders living nearby.

Protection Policy: IDShield provides a $1 million protection policy, provided by a leading national carrier. This covers costs incurred as a result of identity theft such as: lost wages, travel expenses, elder and childcare, initial legal consultation, and certified public accountant costs. We also provide an Unlimited Service Guarantee that ensures we will continue working on members’ cases until their identity is fully restored.