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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


IDShield, a PPLSI identity and restoration protection brand, is helping over a million members navigate the conveniences and challenges of modern life without giving up their privacy. IDShield’s best-in-class service continuously monitors personal information, financial and social accounts. Our identity theft specialists consult on various online privacy and reputation management concerns to help members proactively avoid incidents. In the event of a compromised identity, members have direct access to Licensed Private Investigators for full-service consultation and restoration and a fraud protection plan of up to $1 million.

IDShield offers industry-leading Reputation and Privacy management services included in all plans, following the acquisition of Reputation Management company Yourself Online, Inc. IDShield is here to protect you and your family’s reputation and privacy so there’s nothing standing in the way of your next opportunity in life.

IDShield can help you review your social media accounts, and easily and quickly delete old posts and photos, so you can be confident in how you look online. IDShield manages your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit accounts in one convenient place. IDShield flags anything that might be damaging to your reputation or career, so you can project the best version of yourself online. Your Persona Score and recommendations will show you what you need to review. IDShield’s automated tools can quickly delete years of your old social media in one go.

How we are different

Social Media Monitoring: IDShield monitors your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit accounts to see if personal information has been exposed through image captions, posts and comments. You will be notified if your social content presents reputational risks such as foul language, drug references or discriminatory terms. You can control the sensitivity level of your alerts in your account settings - including categories for profanity, violence and more.

Reputation Management: Allows you to scan your social media accounts – including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – for existing content that could damage your online reputation. Post and comments that contain harmful language or images will be flagged for review.

Reputation Score: A reputation score is provided based on content and photos found on scanned social media accounts. Tips to improve your score are provided along with social posts and photos that were flagged as part of the scan, giving you the opportunity to review the content and decide if you want to remove it from your personal accounts to improve your score.