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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


IDShield, a PPLSI identity and restoration protection brand, is helping over a million members navigate the conveniences and challenges of modern life without giving up their privacy. IDShield’s best-in-class service continuously monitors personal information, financial and social accounts. Our identity theft specialists consult on various online privacy and reputation management concerns to help members proactively avoid incidents. In the event of a compromised identity, members have direct access to Licensed Private Investigators for full-service consultation and restoration and a fraud protection plan of up to $1 million.

Identity monitoring scans the surface web, dark web, underground forums, and file sharing sources to identify members exposed personal information. Monitored information includes email addresses, login credentials, credit cards, passports and more. This app also provides public record, high risk transaction, address change and other monitoring services.

Along with identity protection IDShield provides security for members’ digital devices. IDShield’s Anti-Malware protection from Trend Micro, uses cloud-based AI technology to deliver highly effective and proactive protection for PCs and MACs against ever-evolving malware infections. IDShield’s mobile security provides protection from malicious apps, ransomware, potentially dangerous and harmful websites, and more.

Our Virtual Private Network Wi-Fi Protection utilizes bank-grand data encryption to prevent a member’s incoming and outgoing internet traffic from being monitored, hacked or censored. It turns a public hotspot into a secure Wi-Fi.

IDShield’s Password Manager from Trend Micro, allows members to capture and securely store passwords and other credentials for safe, auto-login to favorite websites using one master password. Auto generate strong and unique passwords and safely secure them. The password manager can identify weak passwords and change them with unique, tough to hack passwords. Includes one touch access from Android and iOS devices.

How we are different

Continuous Monitoring: IDShield monitors a member’s identity from every angle, not just Social Security, credit cards, and bank accounts. Members have access to a full range of features including dark web and internet monitoring, auto monitoring, financial threshold account monitoring, minor child monitoring, public and court record monitoring, and more. Aside from identity monitoring, IDShield takes it a step further with features that not only protect members but also organize their online presence. This includes solicitation reduction, deleting data brokers, anti-bullying protection, medical data reports, and more.

24/7 Protection and Alerts: From scanning and monitoring social media accounts for reputation-damaging images and harmful content to providing a VPN, malware protection and password manager, IDShield offers the peace of mind needed in today’s digital world. Cloud-based AI technology delivers highly effective and proactive protection against ever-evolving malware infections and never-before-seen attacks. Members are alerted 24/7 via email or push notifications through the IDShield app at the first sign of suspicious activity.

Unlimited Consultation: IDShield makes protection personal by offering personalized, one-on-one consultation for managing online reputation and helping members navigate the conveniences and challenges of modern life–without giving up their privacy. Investigators are available to discuss the latest information on current identity theft trends, provide best practices for secure financial transactions, offer tips on consumer privacy, and discuss how to safely shop and communicate online. There is no limit. Members get as much consultation time as needed. No other competitor offers this benefit.