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Company size (employees)25
Headquarters RegionNorth America


IMMUNIO has developed a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution that detects AND protects against 10 of the most common web-based attacks and many classes of zero-day vulnerabilities, providing proactive protection of the entire call stack, the widest native platform support (Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Java, PHP, and Scala), and Zero day (so not signature based, not CVE based, not detection based) protection.

This ability to proactively protect applications against known, and unknown (zero day) exploitation, for code your team wrote (code that usually receives application security testing) – and code that you didn’t write (3rd party libraries, frameworks), and modern type attacks (e.g. account takeover) with this breadth and depth is unique. IMMUNIO is a pure-play RASP that does not need a detection tool to work, and is focused on protection by instrumenting the entire application stack, your code as well as the libraries and frameworks that make up the application. IMMUNIO is not signature based and can accurately identify vulnerable points in the application. Trivial to deploy, easy to maintain, IMMUNIO supports wide range of vulnerabilities and runtime attacks: SQL injection, XSS, RCE, Credential Stuffing, Bruteforce, and many more. IMMUNO provides the fastest way to: Reduce application security risk, Build an AppSec program from scratch, and Scale your AppSec program.

How we are different

- Proactive protection of entire call stack.
- Wide platform support (Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Java, PHP, and Scala).
- Zero day (not signature based, not CVE based, not detection based) protection