ImmuniWeb Discovery

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Comprehensive monitoring of various Dark Web resources for the company’s stolen credentials or documents, compromised systems or databases for sale, mentions of backdoored devices or servers belonging to or operated by the company.

Key Capabilities / Features

Discover your data leaks, stolen credentials, backdoored systems and stolen documents on the Dark Web with ImmuniWeb® Discovery Dark Web Monitoring. Just enter your company name to launch the Dark Monitoring enhanced by the continuous monitoring of phishing campaigns, domain squatting, fake social network accounts, malicious mobile apps usurping your corporate brand, and indicators of compromise (IoC) of your on-premise or cloud-based IT assets.

Monitoring of underground marketplaces and hacking forums is enhanced with 24/7 surveillance of paste websites, social networks, IRC and Telegram channels. In contrast to other vendors, our Dark Web monitoring is bundled with our attack surface management technology to automatically detect all mentions of any of your IT systems, domain names, servers, cloud instances, applications or users on the Dark Web without the need to enter them manually, as well as to discover compromised shadow IT assets and shadow cloud resources.

Browse risk-based security incidents on the user-friendly, interactive and customizable dashboard, export the findings into a PDF or XLS file, or use the API to automatically synchronize the data with your SIEM system. Enjoy a fixed monthly price per company regardless the number of security incidents, mentions or leaks in the Dark Web. Our security analysts are here to help may you need additional details or support.

How we are different

- AI Technology. ImmuniWeb Discovery leverages OSINT and award-winning AI technology to illuminate attack surface and Dark Web exposure of a company.

- Simplifies Compliance. Meets visibility, inventory & security monitoring requirements.

- Outpaces Cybercriminals. Responds without delay to security incidents, data leaks or phishing.