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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


From the edge, to application, and data, Imperva protects the business logic, APIs, microservices, databases, infrastructure, and websites that organizations rely on. With a unique, integrated approach, Imperva protects companies ranging from cloud-native start-ups to global organizations with hybrid infrastructure through our market-leading offerings:

Imperva Web Application & API Protection: A unified solution that combines best-of-breed products to help organizations solve complex security risks. It builds on the value of the award-winning Imperva Web Application Firewall, but is strengthened by incorporating advanced bot protection, API security, DDoS protection, and a secure content delivery network (CDN). The solution gives digital businesses the type of defense they need to stop OWASP Top 10 threats and security risks like software supply chain attacks, API abuses, malicious bots, DDoS attacks, and more.

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF): As the industry’s first hybrid cloud, data-centric solution, Imperva DSF enables security and compliance teams to quickly and easily secure sensitive data wherever it lives with an integrated, proactive approach to visibility and predictive analytics. Imperva DSF is designed to secure all data types, wherever it lives, from data breaches while reducing the time spent on managing compliance and privacy. The product standardizes data security controls across enterprise environments to provide full visibility of what is happening across all file stores and assets, on-premises, and across clouds.

Real-time insights are seamlessly integrated into Imperva products and solutions, helping customers manage security, privacy, and compliance risk. Imperva produces regular research reports highlighting threats related to DDoS attacks, bad bots, online fraud, and more. The threat research is widely consumed around the world and cited by the largest media organizations including The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Financial Times, and others. The work Imperva Threat Research does helps protect customers and raises public awareness about cybersecurity risks.

How we are different

- Imperva is the only security vendor to offer protection against threats from the edge, to application, and data with a unique, integrated approach.

- With 6,200+ enterprise customers in 150 countries, Imperva is trusted around the globe to protect organizations against cyberattacks.

- Imperva Data Security Fabric eliminates the inefficiencies of disjointed security tools and consolidates data security management with 260+ built-in integrations and support for 65+ platforms.