iNetSec Smart Finder

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)PFU, a Fujitsu Company
Company size (employees)4450
Type of solutionHardware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• iNetSec is the best internal defense for today’s perimeter-less network. It is the only appliance that provides a comprehensive defense in depth integrating full endpoint visibility, unauthorized device blocking policies, device-based application traffic monitoring and the patented next-gen behavioral detection of the exploration and malware spread phases of an APT attack.

• iNetSec provides a new patented and unique technology to detect Advanced Persistent Threats and RAT Malware infections (known and unknown) on the internal network by behavior. iNetSec represents the next-gen security detection of the most sophisticated hack intrusions targeting and breaching organizations of any size. It is able to correlate inbound, outbound and p2p malicious traffic between devices and a C&C server, detecting the lateral exploration and the malware spread phases of an APT attack before the data can leave the perimeter.

• FireEye/iNetSec integration delivers comprehensive East-West-North-South protection. iNetSec was integrated in May 2015 with the FireEye NX Series security platform to improve enterprise defense against advanced persistent threat attacks. The integration addresses the increasing sophistication of threat actors and the rise of advanced persistent threat attacks, which according to the most recent M-Trends report, were present on a victim’s network an average of 205 days prior to detection. With the integration, when FireEye NX detects malware, iNetSec can isolate the infected machine and automatically prevent further device infection, stopping lateral movement and blocking machine-to-machine communications within the enterprise.


iNetSec Smart Finder is the first comprehensive internal network security solution providing both network visibility and advanced intrusion detection. iNetSec discovers all devices on the network, both wired and wireless, and provides network access control for unauthorized device blocking.

Its integrated next-gen security system is able to scan all the network traffic to immediately detect and block APT malware attacks internally by behavior thereby preventing data theft.

iNetSec’s combined features of superior technology, proven protection against APTs and otherattacks, ideal size appliance for any size network (size of a wireless router) and an affordable price point have made it the preferred network protection solution in US education, healthcare, finance and other vertical industries for the past several years

iNetSec is also designed for ease of use and deployment, and does not require installing any agent software on endpoint devices.

iNetSec Smart Finder uniquely offers:

• Device Discovery and Network Access Control: full visibility and automatic classification to all devices on the network, providing urgently needed new control over BYOD, personal devices, guest Wi-Fi and secure IP segments.

• Application Usage Management: in real time, compares policies to actual network traffic, and finds and mitigates policy violations per device.

• Behavioral APT Malware Detection and Mitigation: detects advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and immediately blocks devices infected by remote access Trojans (RAT). Its engine is behavioral based (not signature based) and correlates C&C server communications to p2p traffic, so it detects threats often missed by other solutions.

• Easy, Worry-Free, fast Deployment: Its Plug-and-Play design ensures quick, easy deployment in minutes (out-of-band installation is typically under two hours), all without burdening IT users.

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