Inpixon Aware

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


Inpixon Aware offers precise indoor positioning and wide spectrum RF detection to cultivate situational awareness within our customers’ spaces by detecting wireless devices and their movements. Our wireless security solution gives enterprise and government security teams both visibility into their facilities and a robust wireless intrusion detection solution in a single, live security dashboard, so they can make key decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety, at scale.

Inpixon Aware equips security teams with:

-Wireless Device Detection: Locating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Cellular signals within their buildings.

-Real-Time Alerts: Addressing threats and enforcing security policies with real-time alerts.

-Visual Context: Visualizing wireless environments by seeing the location of wireless devices and access points in the context of a map for each building.

-Geofencing for Areas of Interest: Setting up geofences around areas of interest to monitor and be alerted as people move in and out of designated areas and no-phone zones.

-No-Phone Zones: Inpixon Aware directly integrates with leading mobile device management (MDM) systems to monitor and set up trigger alerts for MDM policies.

-Historical Playbacks: Security teams can rewind and playback past events with DVR-like functionality.

-Device Registration: Register known devices, including employee devices, ID tags, office equipment, and medical equipment such as hearing aids and pacemakers, to help distinguish between trusted and untrusted devices.

-Asset & Personnel Tracking: Visualize the location of tracking tags affixed to entities like mobile assets, equipment, employees, and visitors to help improve safety and efficiency, reduce theft and more.

How we are different

Here are three key reasons why Inpixon Aware is a leading wireless security solution for enterprise and governmental organizations:

-Inpixon Aware is Enterprise Class, Government Grade

Our wireless security solution is trusted by high security and federal government agencies to help comply with directives and secure areas with top secret and classified conversations, materials, and activities. Using Inpixon Aware, cybersecurity teams can protect their premises from wireless threats and meet their security mandates with ease.

-Inpixon Aware Offers Complete End-to-End Mobile Device Security

We offer government agencies and enterprises with a comprehensive set of tools to meet their indoor security needs. This includes everything from the sensors and anchors (hardware) required to monitor their IoT network on-site as well as an easy-to-use dashboard (software) that cybersecurity professionals can use to monitor, detect and block any wireless threats on-premise. Using Inpixon Aware, organizations can enhance security, mitigate risk and make informed decisions.

-Inpixon Aware is Fully Scalable

Inpixon Aware supports multiple location data use cases to meet diverse organizational needs. Our modular architecture provides versatility and investment protection to meet evolving requirements as facilities grow and expand locally, nationally and globally.