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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Intezer introduces a Genetic Malware Analysis technology, revolutionizing cyber threat detection and response. By revealing the origins of all software code, Intezer equips enterprises with an advanced way to detect modern cyber threats, while providing deep context on how to effectively respond to incidents. Intezer offers solutions for cloud security, incident response automation, threat intelligence, and more. The company serves a diverse client portfolio including Fortune 500 companies, modern startups, and elite government agencies

How we are different

• The majority of security systems today detect threats by searching for anomalies and other indicators of compromise. Often, these methods drown security teams with un-actionable data and too many false positive alerts. In addition, these solutions can be evaded by sophisticated attacks which are designed to look normal, thus limiting the ability of organizations to detect actual threats. Intezer's Genetic Malware Analysis approach detects and classifies cyber attacks by identifying the software origins of these threats, regardless of behavioral indicators. As long as you have an attacker's code indexed, you will be able to detect and classify any future threat that reuses even the tiniest portions of the same code

• The key to mitigating cyber threats is identifying the core of all cyber attacks: malicious code. In order for an adversary to make any kind of damage, such as stealing data, installing a backdoor, or deleting sensitive materials, they must run malicious code on a target's computer or server. By deeply analyzing the binary code, whether on disk or in memory, Intezer is able to detect modern threats and provide context on how to properly respond to incidents. Intezer can detect advanced in-memory threats, such as malicious code injections, packed, and fileless malware

• In 2019, Intezer publicly uncovered many previously undetected cyber threats, while observing an increase in the number of Linux and cloud-focused attacks in the wild. Among the company’s discoveries were large scale crypto-mining campaigns, botnets, ransomware, and nation-state sponsored threats, including ACBackdoor, HiddenWasp, and QNAPCrypt. In November, Intezer collaborated with IBM Security to identify a new, undetected ransomware called PureLocker, targeting enterprise production servers and databases