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Company size (employees)500 to 999
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Irdeto Anti-Piracy Services are designed to protect content owners, broadcasters, and operators from the threats and revenue losses associated with content piracy. Leveraging advanced technology and extensive industry expertise, these services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to identify, combat, and prevent the unauthorized distribution and consumption of copyrighted content across various platforms and distribution channels.
Key features include:
Internet Monitoring and Enforcement: Utilizing sophisticated web-crawling technologies, Irdeto monitors the internet, including websites, social media platforms, and peer-to-peer networks, for pirated content. Once identified, Irdeto takes enforcement actions, such as issuing takedown notices, to remove the infringing material.
Watermarking Technology: Irdeto’s watermarking solutions embed invisible, unique identifiers into content, enabling the tracing of pirated material back to its original source. This helps in identifying the point of leakage and taking targeted action against the infringer.
Live Event Protection: Specializing in protecting live broadcasts like sports events, Irdeto employs real-time monitoring and rapid response strategies to detect and disrupt illegal streaming activities, ensuring that rights holders’ revenues and value are safeguarded.
Cybersecurity Services: Recognizing that piracy is often facilitated by cyber threats, Irdeto offers cybersecurity services to protect content distribution networks and platforms from hacking, malware, and other cyber-attacks.
Forensic Investigations and Legal Support: Irdeto provides forensic investigation services to gather evidence of piracy activities and supports legal actions against perpetrators, aiding in the enforcement of intellectual property rights.
Global Reach and Intelligence: With a global network of anti-piracy experts and access to a vast amount of data on piracy trends and tactics, Irdeto delivers actionable intelligence to help clients stay ahead of emerging threats.
Irdeto Anti-Piracy Services are tailored to the needs of each client, offering scalable and effective solutions to protect valuable content across the entertainment, sports, and media industries from the ever-evolving challenges of digital piracy.

Key Capabilities / Features

Irdeto Anti-Piracy services offer a robust and comprehensive approach to safeguarding digital content against unauthorized use and distribution. Here are the key capabilities and features that distinguish these services:
Internet Monitoring & Takedown: Irdeto employs sophisticated web-crawling technologies to monitor the internet for pirated content, including social media, peer-to-peer networks, and various streaming platforms. Detected infringements are swiftly addressed through takedown notices and other enforcement actions to remove unauthorized content.
Digital Watermarking: A cornerstone of Irdeto's anti-piracy efforts is its advanced digital watermarking technology, which embeds invisible, unique identifiers into content. This allows for the tracing of pirated content back to its source, aiding in identifying and addressing points of leakage.
Live Event Monitoring: Irdeto specializes in the protection of live events, particularly in the sports sector, employing real-time monitoring tools and rapid response teams to detect and disrupt illegal streams, preserving the value and exclusivity of live broadcasts.
Cybersecurity & Platform Protection: Recognizing the interconnected nature of piracy and cyber threats, Irdeto offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect content distribution networks and platforms from hacking, malware, and other vulnerabilities that could lead to content theft or compromise.
Forensic Services & Legal Support: Irdeto provides forensic analysis and investigation services to collect evidence against piracy operations. This evidence supports legal actions and compliance efforts, reinforcing the enforcement of intellectual property rights.
Piracy Intelligence & Analytics: With access to a wealth of data on piracy activities and trends, Irdeto delivers actionable insights and analytics, enabling content owners and distributors to stay ahead of emerging threats and adapt their strategies accordingly.
Global Expertise: Irdeto's global presence and network of anti-piracy experts ensure a deep understanding of regional piracy dynamics and legal frameworks, allowing for tailored and effective anti-piracy strategies across different markets.

How we are different

Advanced Watermarking Technology: Irdeto's innovative watermarking technology is at the forefront of anti-piracy efforts, embedding invisible markers within content to deter unauthorized use and facilitate the tracing of pirated material back to its source. This not only enables swift and targeted enforcement actions against piracy but also enhances the security and integrity of content distribution, setting Irdeto apart in the field of digital rights protection.

Real-Time Protection for Live Events: Specializing in the protection of live broadcasts, particularly significant sports events, Irdeto employs advanced monitoring and rapid response mechanisms to detect and disrupt illegal streams instantaneously. This ensures the value and exclusivity of live content are maintained, protecting revenue streams and the viewer experience by addressing piracy threats in real-time.

Global Intelligence Network: Central to Irdeto's anti-piracy strategy is its global intelligence network, which combines the expertise of anti-piracy professionals worldwide with sophisticated data analytics. This network provides invaluable insights into evolving piracy trends and tactics, enabling Irdeto to proactively adapt its anti-piracy measures. By leveraging this comprehensive understanding of the piracy landscape, Irdeto delivers informed and effective solutions that are tailored to the unique challenges faced by content creators and distributors across different regions, thereby maintaining a competitive edge in the fight against content piracy.