Irdeto Cyber Services Suite

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionService


Irdeto has developed a suite of Cyber Services that help companies identify, investigate, analyze, shutdown and often prosecute threat actors. With fast moving criminals you need a full 360-degree approach to security.

Combining operational best practices, meticulous planning, advances in cybersecurity pioneered by Irdeto, and an extensive network of security experts, the Irdeto Cyber Services unit provides proactive, comprehensive antipiracy protection.

The services include:

• Use of actionable intelligence to detect, analyze and identify piracy, brand, and cybersecurity threats.
• Investigations and evidence gathering to support civil and criminal enforcement actions against identified threat actors.
• Identification and removal of infringing advertisements from e-commerce and social media sites to protect brand reputation and revenue.
• Platform security assessments and cybersecurity resilience programs to manage and reduce cybersecurity risk.

The Cyber Services team includes investigators, legal specialists, law enforcement specialists, cryptography experts, forensic analysts, security software engineers, and content security thought leaders. Their strong technical, network, social media, and security skills have successfully identified, investigated, and supported clients in civil and criminal prosecutions and even police raids and referrals.

The Irdeto Cyber Services Team combines decades of experience in online and field investigations, with custom-built technological tools, to protect our customers from security and cyber threats including intellectual property infringements, online piracy, and cybercrimes. Our clients include international sports rights owners and some of the largest video entertainment and video games companies in the world. We work to curb these cyber threats on an international level by collaborating with Europol, Interpol, and national law enforcement bodies around the world to investigate, identify and prosecute large-scale organized criminal networks that pose a serious threat to our clients and to the community. Our investigations have resulted in law enforcement agencies dismantling the largest global streaming pirate networks.

How we are different

* We do more than protect devices and networks: our focus is protecting people. In video entertainment, we ensure that creativity continues. We ensure that the product of hundreds of creative hours that it takes to bring an idea to life on the screen is protected. We ensure that sports leagues and athletes receive the full value for their hard work and dedication by securely delivering sports broadcasts to fans and protecting them from the cyber threats associated with accessing pirated content online. In video games, we ensure that children are not the victims of fraud and scams that criminals promote to exploit. The gamers on our team know that cheating breeds toxicity and negatively impacts the gaming experience for everyone. We feel a personal need to quell all cheats, fake accounts, and more to make playing video games what it was meant to be: fair and fun. We also love to use our skills for good, which is why our team is voluntarily involved in helping the African Wildlife Foundation to end the online promotion of poaching and illegal animal trade.
* Criminals constantly take advantage of the power of the internet to commit a wide range of crimes. Protecting our clients means that innovation is wired into our daily work. Instead of relying on other tools, we develop and deploy custom-built solutions to make sure that the service for our clients is complete. This means using a full technological suite of reverse engineering, machine learning, cloud technologies, and more to fight cybercrime every day.
* The team is culturally, geographically, and linguistically diverse. We are truly global, which allows us to leverage a wide range of perspectives when tackling issues and provide support to our clients 24/7.