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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Researcher and Professor
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Universidad de los Andes
Company size (employees)5000


Professor Cano has been a prolific researcher and educator in topics related with cyber security, information security, digital forensic and computer crime since 1996 when he belong to Law Faculty at Universidad de los Andes. During this almost 20 year have been published reference books (in latinoamerica) in spanish about information security, digital evidence and cyber security:

* Inseguridad de la información. Una visión estratégica. Alfaomega -2013
* Computación forense. Descubriendo los rastros informáticos – Alfaomega – 2009 (Segunda edición publicada en 2015)
* La evidencia digital en Colombia. Conceptos, retos y propuesta. Editorial Temis – 2010

Likewise have published around 120 papers in different journals and publications. Many of his students in all levels (undergraduate and graduate) currently are in strategic position in governments and organizations oriented to design and promote digital security in mutiple business sectors.

Finally, Dr. Cano have been awarded by Colombia Police in 2014 for his support in the cybercrime fighting and digital investigations in Colombia. Likewise, he was part of High level cybersecurity commission of the Government of Colombia, as a cybersecurity expert and recognized researcher in this topics.


* Dr. Cano is a one of more recognized latino american academics, where his publications have been incorporated in different courses and programs in cybersecurity, information security and digital evidence.

* Professor Cano, is a frequently speaker in international events related with information security, cyber security and digital evidence, where his perspective suggest alternative approach to the different challenges in this topics.

* Professor Cano, continue working and suggesting novel approach to understand cybersecurity, information security and data privacy in order to explore new strategies to develop this topics in practical and applicable way.