Jscrambler Webpage Integrity (WPI)

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionSoftware


Jscrambler Webpage Integrity is a holistic solution to detect and block, in real-time, malicious behavior on the client-side of web applications. It prevents leaking or scraping of sensitive data and protects against web supply chain attacks like Magecart.

Webpage Inventory – Complete visibility of every script and network request on your website. Simplifies the identification of malicious client-side behavior and vetting of resources.

Third Party Management – Simple onboarding and vetting of third-party scripts, with full observability of each script and a powerful rules engine that allows controlling their behaviors.

User Data Management – Dashboard with details of how user data is being handled at the client-side, containing data leakage insights. Provides control over this data, preventing leakage attempts.

Webpage Threat Mitigation – Powerful and granular rules engine that blocks any script in real-time if it exhibits malicious or disallowed behavior (e.g. formjacking, DOM tampering, data leakage).

Jscrambler Webpage Integrity does not require installing anything locally, nor any input from the end-user.

How we are different

Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity offers a large set of functionalities aimed at protecting our clients against sensitive data leakage and unwanted changes which may harm the company’s reputation and business. As for one of WPI clients - one of the biggest internacional e-commerce clothing brand - Jscrambler product blocked a total of 49.8 million data access attempts in the second quarter of 2022:

34.9M in April
1.6 M in May
13 M in June

Within the same client, WPI also blocked 336,8 thousand hijacking sessions in the second quarter of 2022, while providing the organization with clear visibility of where the hijacking comes from.

WPI allows the organization to understand all the scripts being loaded on each of the websites, as well as the potential risk associated - WPI provides rich information and insights to assist in mitigating any potential threats. Considering that vulnerabilities in third-party software account for 13% of all data breaches’ initial attack vector with an average cost of $4.55M per data breach, it is fundamental for companies to have all the visibility and control on their websites.