Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


JumpCloud offers an open, cloud-forward identity platform with a breadth of technical features that can be easily and centrally managed all while keeping users, their activity, and their devices secure. Because it is built on an open directory approach, only JumpCloud offers a true identity-first approach to identity and access management. The JumpCloud platform offers enterprise-level IAM, empowering organizations to pursue a Zero Trust security approach by establishing trusted identities, trusted networks, trusted devices, and conditional access control policies to manage how and what resources users can access.

With a centralized directory platform that is continually updated, JumpCloud regularly adds features and functionality to the platform, from SSO, MFA, directory services, device management, conditional access policies, UEM, or integration with other common SaaS apps. Most recently, JumpCloud added JumpCloud Password ManagerTM. This newest feature adds to a deep suite of tools, and offers unique security features at a time when cloud-based password managers have come into question.

Why an Open Directory Platform for IAM?
JumpCloud integrates with virtually all resources including files, applications, networks, systems, servers and more – whether they’re located in the cloud, on-premises, or elsewhere – with protocol-based integrations and no on-prem hardware. This makes it easy and more cost-effective to manage identities for users and devices. Admins can use one tool, and make the user experience seamless.

JumpCloud offers its customers and partners a secure way to migrate from complicated ecosystems of applications that are often a patchwork of end solutions, or complex extensions required to make Microsoft AD work in a cloud-forward environment.

JumpCloud’s customers have netted a 6.3X reduction in TCO when compared to using a comparable patchwork of AD, Jamf, and Okta (or other combinations of point solutions).

How we are different

- The JumpCloud platform is a standalone product that offers premium identity and access management by weaving MFA, SSO, directory services, device management and more into a single tool
- JumpCloud’s competitors don’t have its breadth, and can require custom integrations that require time and additional IT oversight.
- JumpCloud offers a single source of truth to provide robust security to give organizations peace of mind for both remote and in-person workforces.