JumpCloud Single Sign-On

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


JumpCloud offers an Open Directory Platform that unifies user access, identity, and devices management into a single, secure platform. JumpCloud’s SSO goes beyond application access to provide a single identity that can access any IT resource, from applications to devices, networks and more. Backed by a robust directory platform, you can onboard, offboard, and manage the lifecycle of every user with a single set of credentials. With one identity per user, you can easily provision and deprovision user access to devices (MacOS, Windows, and Linux), on-premise applications, networks and VPN, and servers from a single, secure console.

Why JumpCloud’s approach?
If organizations use only web-based applications in their environments, they might be able to get by with just using a standalone web app SSO solution. However, the majority of organizations out there also need access to infrastructure (whether cloud-hosted or on-prem), file storage, and internal, protected networks to accomplish their daily work.

Since a single sign-on platform focuses centrally on web-based applications, a directory service can centralize user access to the rest of the IT network. Rather than utilizing an on-prem directory service and adding an SSO solution on top of it, it’s far more cost-effective and easier to manage an IAM solution that includes SSO capabilities all within one platform.

JumpCloud securely connects users to virtually all of their IT resources regardless of protocol, platform, provider, or location, including:

Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Servers: Windows, Linux, GCP, AWS
Applications: Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, Jenkins, Atlassian, Kubernetes, and more
File Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, NAS appliances, and more
Networks: wired and wireless

By managing all of the above in JumpCloud, admins can give end-users a True Single Sign-on experience, aka — the ability to use a single identity to connect to everything they need to Make Work Happen®, not just web-based applications.

How we are different

- JumpCloud enables connection to virtually all IT resources - systems, servers, applications, file storage, and networks
- Building SSO out of an Open Directory Platform is more cost-effective and offers broader use cases
- JumpCloud’s SSO improves productivity and security, streamlines user and device management, and offers cost- and time- savings