Kaseya Compliance Manager as Top Compliance Solution

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Kaseya Compliance Manager is the first and only purpose-built, role-based Compliance Process Automation platform for GDPR (EU and UK), HIPAA, cyber insurance, NIST CSF, and CMMC. It combines a wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, a web-based management portal, and built-in compliance document generation and archiving.

It automates compliance processes, produces reports that document compliance, and keeps organizations from paying hefty fines and penalties due to non-compliance.

With Compliance Manager, organizations can create the following:

Compliance-Specific Documents. Most regulations include a list of specific documents – and documentation – that the client must produce and maintain. Compliance Manager either has them built-in, or automatically generates them.

Regular Comprehensive Compliance Assessments. Using a combination of automated network and computer data-gathering, as well as responses to built-in online questions, Compliance Manager discovers and reports on every issue of non-compliance and offers a remediation plan to address what it discovers.

Ongoing Compliance Services. Compliance Manager can be scheduled to run regular, automated network scans, detect any new issues of non-compliance, and take corrective action.

Assistance With Audits. In the event of an audit, there’s no need for a mad scramble to gather up the volumes of documents that an auditor will ask for. Compliance Manager continually collects and archives all the evidence of compliance in one place, making it a snap to respond.

How we are different

There are many compliance check-list products on the market, but Kaseya Compliance Manager takes process automation to the next level due to the following factors:

Automatic Data Collection for Multiple Compliance Standards. The system automatically collects information that would typically be gathered manually with other tools, saving technicians’ time. The Compliance Manager role-based platform is versatile enough to support virtually any compliance standard. Several are already built into the tool, with additional standards being added on a regular basis.

Multi-role Architecture. While a single person can run a complete compliance assessment, the system is set up to allow multiple information stakeholders to directly input the information they have; and a technician, administrator, and internal auditor each can participate in the process at key points.

Automatic Data Validation. The system automatically compares answers to questions with the information it gathers and highlights exceptions where the two don’t match.