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In the next two years, there will be over 25 billion connected devices globally. Many of those are already in our workplaces, improving productivity, collaboration, insights, and convenience. This unmanaged IoT device explosion is more pervasive and transformative than the PC and Mobile revolutions combined — but it is not without risk. These devices lack built-in security controls. They have no security, can’t host a security agent, or receive updates and they are unseen and not protected by traditional security products. In short, our critical, connected devices — from robotic arms on a manufacturing floor, to patient monitors and MRI machines at a hospital, to smart TVs or even badge readers — are totally unprotected. As connected device usage increases exponentially in years to come, the widening IoT security gap means that sensitive information — and in some cases, lives — are at risk.

Armis is the first agentless, enterprise-class security platform to address the new threat landscape of unmanaged and IoT devices. The platform’s unique out-of-band sensing technology discovers and analyzes all unmanaged, un-agentable and IoT devices. Completely passive, Armis discovers devices on and off the network, continuously analyzes endpoint behavior to identify risks and attacks, and protects critical information and systems by identifying suspicious or malicious devices and quarantining them. Unlike traditional endpoint and network security solutions that only offer insight into managed devices and activities inside the corporate network, Armis is flexible and sees activity and connections of all devices, both on and off the network — a critical safety layer in an all-too-exposed space.

With a crowdsourced Device Knowledgebase monitoring over 80 million devices worldwide (the largest of its kind) and 8 million device profiles, Armis compares a device’s behavior to similar devices we have seen in similar environments. We track the behavior of that device,

How we are different

Armis differs from other security products in three significant ways: Agentless - Armis is completely agentless, reducing a significant challenge for security professionals by providing comprehensive visibility into managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices that join and leave corporate and guest networks throughout the day. Passive - Armis’ unique out-of-band, passive sensing technology requires no additional hardware as it discovers more devices than any other product available today. In addition to traditional wired and wireless IP protocols, Armis can detect devices in the enterprise airspace using Bluetooth or IoT protocols like Zigbee. No other product offers this capability without additional complicated and costly hardware. Critical Device Insights - Armis has the deepest Device Knowledgebase -- comprised of over 8 million device characteristics -- which identify and analyze devices’ attributes and activities. This allows Armis to understand when a device is acting suspiciously or maliciously -- and take action.
Harnessing the power of Armis’ unique agentless platform, the company’s world-class research team, Armis Labs, also helps keep enterprises safe by contributing new vulnerability disclosures to the research community. Significant discoveries illustrating the latest attack vectors targeting unmanaged and un-agentable IoT devices include Urgent/11, BLEEDINGBIT, DNS Rebinding and BlueBorne.
In April 2019, Armis announced $65M in Series C funding, led by Sequoia Capital, bringing their funding total to $112M with investments from Bain Capital Ventures, Insight Venture Partners and more. In addition, Armis reported 700% growth in annual revenue from 2018 to 2019, including customer deployments with more than 25% of the Fortune 100. Armis’ customers include major tech names like Samsung and Oracle, as well as global manufacturing giants such as Mondelēz, Sysco Foods and Allergan, among others.