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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Modern botnets upgrade the control on the bots activity with AI capabilities, which can continuously optimize the attack success against the defense systems. It can seriously damage web systems operations and business activities in seconds, while rarely getting caught in real time by existing defense layers. Traditional firewall technologies lag far behind this evolving threat, as they’re built to protect from simple bot attacks. Therefore a new generation of AI-based defense systems that can trace down such attacks, in real time and with high accuracy, are critical.

Ammune™ made by L7 Defense identifies the most complex malicious “patterns” from the traffic that aren’t even visible to other tools. It is a real time “unsupervised learning” technology inspired by the natural immune system that performs without a need for pre-training. The resulting patterns and output “signatures” are extremely accurate and algorithmically controlled by the target error rate (“False Positive”).

Ammune™ protects from the most dangerous AI-driven IoT botnet attacks as well as from previous generations of botnet technologies, as a standalone system, an embedded system or a cloud solution.

How we are different

- Ammune™ is a breakthrough “unsupervised learning” that performs without any need for pre-training or re-training, unlike competition systems which demand sometimes months of pre-training while frequent re-training is a must.

- Ammune™ is extremely accurate and algorithmic controlled by the target error rate (“False Positive”), unlike other systems which are error pronounced

- Ammune™ is the first AI system that is reliable enough to be installed as part of a "system-on-a-chip".