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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


LastPass Identity is a next-generation identity platform that offers a complete identity and access management suite for small and medium businesses. The solution securely integrates single sign-on (SSO) and enterprise password management with adaptative multifactor authentication (MFA).
LastPass Identity allows IT teams to make critical business tools accessible in one portal with SSO for 1,200 pre-integrated applications, while also providing enterprise password management that captures, stores and fills credentials for any web-based login. Going beyond two-factor authentication, the solution features passwordless, multifactor authentication, which removes the password from the employee login experience through authentication with biometric identifiers and integrations. This results in a more streamlined and secure way for users to securely log into all their platforms and applications.
Through a centralized dashboard, IT teams gain visibility, insight and control to simplify access and authentication for their end-users. They can automatically provision and deprovision users, deploy authentication methods, set up monitoring and alerts, and manage policies to eliminate manual tasks. Without professional services or deployment costs, LastPass Identity makes managing user access and authentication across organizations effortless.

How we are different

- LastPass is a solution that began in the business of managing passwords, and now more than 25 million users and 70,000 business customers rely on LastPass, giving it the largest enterprise password management customer base on the market. Built for small and medium-sized businesses, it is a trusted solution that brings together access and authentication for simpler deployment and greater insight. Additionally, LastPass eliminates the resource constraints and cost of managing multiple solutions, as IT can manage access for every application in the workplace with a single tool. Thanks to the catalog of over 1,200 pre-integrated applications for SSO and leveraging its industry-leading enterprise password management for those applications not covered by an SSO protocol - LastPass leaves no access point unguarded.

- With a zero-knowledge security model, encryption happens exclusively at the device level, so only the end user can unlock access to their password vault. Its multifactor authentication adds additional layers of security and control through the combination of biometric authentication with contextual factors - such as geofencing, IP address and device-based controls - to integrate intelligence into every login, seamlessly authenticating legitimate users, while simultaneously preventing fraudulent users. Bottom line, it ensures only the right employees are gaining access across all cloud apps, legacy apps and VPN. This is particularly important when every employee logging in is outside of the traditional corporate perimeter. It has proved crucial for businesses that have shifted to remote work this year.

- LastPass offers a variety of integrations with identity providers such as Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin or through custom API, which allows users to implement the solution with existing IT infrastructures. In addition, LastPass provides more than 100 security policies that can be customized down to the user or application level for granular control.