Lattice SupplyGuard™

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CompanyLattice Semiconductor
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


In today’s complex global supply chain, Lattice SupplyGuard™ protection service continues to help system architects combat bad actors in the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Lattice SupplyGuard is a revolutionary supply chain security service that ensure the integrity of Lattice’s field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and customer code from factory birth through the end product’s lifecycle. The Lattice SupplyGuard service is an end-to-end supply chain security service providing customers with factory-locked integrated circuits (ICs) that only they can unlock & program. This service helps make the FPGA more copy-and tamper-resistant. Using Lattice SupplyGuard, system developers can protect their products across the entire supply chain through secure key provisioning and device ownership transfer performed in a secure, customer-controlled fashion, differentiating it from other currently available provisioning solutions, which don’t give the customer such control. The process begins with Lattice’s assignment of a customer-specific part number to the FPGA. Each customer-specific FPGA is programmed at the factory with customized, cryptographic credentials that allow only the customer to program the FPGA using a configuration bitstream and authentication keys. The chips depart the factory completely locked and Lattice SupplyGuard maintains trust and protection as the locked FPGAs move through the global supply chain using common carriers and when systems are assembled in third-party factories. Only the customer has the required credentials to unlock the FPGA. Lattice generates these unlock credentials using certified Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and provides them to the customer, who then uses their own HSM to decrypt the credentials. The customer’s HSM alone has the credentials needed to encrypt and sign the customer’s customized configuration bitstream and authentication keys. To ensure further protection, the customer’s intellectual property (IP) and cryptographic keys are never exposed to Lattice or the supply chain in any form, they always remain fully under the customer’s control.

How we are different

• Lattice SupplyGuard is a trailblazing subscription service that secures customer IP throughout the supply chain by delivering factory-locked Lattice FPGAs resistant to tampering, unauthorized firmware modification, overbuilding, counterfeiting, and IP theft as they move through the increasingly complex global supply chain.

• Lattice SupplyGuard extends platform Root-of-Trust (RoT) protection to the entire supply chain, from IC manufacturing through final product end of life. In addition to the ability to track devices throughout the supply chain, using Lattice SupplyGuard developers can protect their products through secure key provisioning and device ownership transfer performed in a secure, customer controlled fashion, further differentiating it from other currently available solutions.

• No special high security programming equipment, processes, personnel, or facilities are needed to utilize the Lattice SupplyGuard service, which substantially lowers the cost of secure manufacturing and makes cyber security more affordable and accessible to all manufacturers.