LIAPP | Action Based Detection Technology

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CompanyLockin Company
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionSoftware


LIAPP is the most advanced Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology developed by Lockin Company that offers robust cyber security services catered specifically for mobile applications.

LIAPP offers a wide range of security solution for companies as it supports both a cloud-based SaaS plan and an on-premise enterprise plan. For this reason mobile app service providers can choose the appropriate protection options based on their company’s characteristics and size, ranging from SMEs to large cross-border enterprises. Additionally, LIAPP customers in diverse industries from fintech and banking to government and mobile games protect their company and organizational assets intelligently by selecting protection and detection options based on their fits and needs.

Since LIAPP covers all development languages and platforms, it allows mobile app service providers to prevent cyber threats and strongly safeguards sensitive company data and personal information. To apply LIAPP is a simple process. Using its intuitive administrator dashboard the user is only required to click the “Protect” button, taking less than a minute to apply security to mobile apps.

For these reasons and others, LIAPP has been recognized by the technological research and consulting firm Gartner as one of the representative application shielding vendors and awarded as an “Outstanding Information Security Technology Product” by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT. Mobile apps protected with LIAPP have been installed on more than 150 million devices across the globe. Furthermore, through protecting mobile apps more than 45,000 times, LIAPP has witnessed and detected more than 1 million threats. Mobile app service providers will be able to make data-driven decisions in response to hacking attacks with the benefit of security experts directions and tips. All of this is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the security industry.

How we are different

LIAPP’s Authentic Action-Based Detection Technology: LIAPP’s power lies in its ability to immediately detect the first hint of any suspicious activity in mobile apps. This in tandem with our highly accurate threat detection rate and minimal false positives makes LIAPP an industry leading choice. When compared to existing pattern-based detection methods LIAPP highly effective, especially for hacking methods and tools that constantly generate variants.

* LIAPP’s Ingenious Techniques Conceal Source Code: Encryption and obfuscation are usually adequate to protect source code. On top of these two standard protection features LIAPP also safeguards source code by concealing it so that it cannot be directly exposed to malicious hackers and users.

* Possible to Take a Real-Time Action Against Hacking: Through LIAPP’s intuitive dashboard and flexible security options users can make data-driven decisions for security policy by providing a detailed detection report. Through LIAPP’s real-time detection policy setting feature, the app administrator can set the security option policy seamlessly by monitoring threat behaviour. To strengthen the security this dashboard it is also possible to integrate a 2FA verification system, as well as a role-based access control per login credential.