Libraesva Email Security

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionHybrid


Libraesva provides exceptional email security by integrating cloud email and a secure email gateway with our unique Adaptive Trust Engine that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the usual patterns of behavior for organizations & individuals, continuously assesses the strength of business-tobusiness trust and proactively holds anomalous traffic.

How we are different

Libraesva secures email communications for enterprises, helping them eliminate email borne threats, preserve email data and provide an environment for workers to communicate safely. It is a powerful, all-inclusive solution simplifying every area of email security.
The capabilities that enable Libraesva to perform significantly better are:

a. An Adaptive Trust Engine delivers better business email compromise (BEC), impersonation & phishing protection. The Adaptive Trust Engine uses AI and machine learning to understand the usual patterns of communication behavior for the organization & individuals, continuously assesses the strength of business-to-business trust and proactively holds anomalous traffic.

b. QuickSand delivers better protection against malicious attachments. The Libraesva sandbox technology uses deep inspection to find any malicious attachment code that writes a payload and executes it, to block unknown, zero-day threats and disarm harmful active code in documents and PDFs.

c. Active URL analysis delivers better protection against unsafe websites. Multi-layered click-time analysis detects obfuscation, encryption and other evasion techniques, following all redirects and intermediate steps to detect malicious URLs, and automatically checking for anomalies when the target page is visited from different locations & agents.