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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Lineaje offers a first-of-its-kind continuous software supply chain security management solution for companies that build or use software. Destructive supply chain attacks, undetectable by existing cybersecurity tools, are growing rapidly, impacting thousands of companies through a single compromise. Lineaje secures companies from these attacks. Lineaje SBOM360 allows companies to centrally manage their entire software supply chain, which consists of applications they build or buy, thereby allowing them to govern software bills of materials (SBOMs) at an enterprise-wide level. SBOM360 also enables compliance with US Executive order 14028 and other international regulations that control the procurement of third-party software by federal agencies, defense departments and other government organizations.

How we are different

Lineaje’s flagship product, SBOM360, is the industry’s first software supply chain and SBOM manager. In 2022, the number of data breaches resulting from supply chain attacks exceeded compromises linked to malware. Lineaje’s flagship technology, the SBOM360, is the first-of-its-kind. Using a unique approach, it can determine the components of all software and expose each component's multi-level dependency chain. Its cutting-edge fingerprinting technology can attest to the authenticity of the entire supply chain, eliminating supply chain compromises — which no other security solution on the market can do. Using SBOM360, software producers (CPOs, chief product security officers, open-source office managers, DevSecOp leaders) can create a fully managed and secure software supply chain and software consumers (CISOs, CIOs, procurement officers) can evaluate all their vendors' SBOMs and deploy third-party software with confidence. With SBOM360, organizations can also meet compliance requirements for US Executive Order 14028 and other international regulations that control the procurement of third-party software by federal agencies, defense departments and similar entities.

Lineaje customers can search all deployed software in seconds to find newly discovered vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and deeply embedded components. Software supply chain attacks are often undetectable by standard cybersecurity tools, and thousands of companies stand to face the consequences of a single compromise. SBOM360 allows users to reduce time to discovery and secure dramatically reducing financial and reputational damages.

Lineaje allows organizations to centrally manage their software supply chain. Using SBOM360, customers can manage the software supply chain of all software — whether it was built or bought by a company. Lineaje has more than 150,000 SBOMs, managed by SBOM360, spanning custom applications, open source, packages, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), mobile apps and containers, accelerating supply chain management progress for all its customers.