Lisa Spencer – Irdeto

Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Head of Marketing
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Irdeto
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope


The global pandemic hit everyone hard, and especially in the B2B marketing space, it’s turned us upside down. In an area where we relied very heavily on the face to face interactions to drive demand generation, we were left having to rebuild as the world remained at home. Driving a team of talented individuals, we focused very quickly on shoring up our digital platforms, with a clear emphasis on lead generation. With a fail-fast mentality, Lisa Spencer, our Head of Marketing, challenged the team to be creative, and to be heard across the noise, demonstrating that now more than ever was our opportunity to differentiate, humanize and show the value that we bring to our customers. As of today, we’re tracking to achieve a 90% increase in lead generation compared to last year, with an all-digital approach.

Another remarkable challenge Lisa faced a few years ago had as a source the different acquisitions done by Irdeto that had never been fully integrated into the company. Instead of acting as one company driving towards the same goals, the behaviour was such that we were we tended to work in silos. Leading Internal Communications at the time, Lisa undertook a change management project to unify the company and the brand. Labelled the ‘One Irdeto’ project, the marketing team was able to work across the globe to explain not only the what, but the why, and rally employees to get excited about the support of being part of the bigger family. Today, we are a global leader in cybersecurity and are independently recognized as a top tier brand … that’s because of a unified vision, and a global employee base working together.


• Lisa Spencer led the marketing team in overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19. We’re tracking to achieve a 90% increase in lead generation compared to last year, with an all digital approach.
• Our Marketing Team has three main pillars that drive success for the business: Tell the Irdeto story – we are leaders in several markets, all at different stages of maturity and all who value Irdeto for different reasons. Not only is it Marketing’s job to stitch that story up at the top to ensure consistency of brand and tone horizontally, we also need to fully understand what each segment values from the company, and ensure that all of our Marketing efforts reflect that. Generate Top Line Value – By creating engagement opportunities at the right time, we ensure that we differentiate and create preference within key targets. Drive Company Culture – Our people are our biggest asset and Marketing as the owner of internal communications, drives engagement, connections and our reasons to believe. Being a regionally and culturally diverse company, it’s always been important to stay connected to our global colleagues, but now more than ever the human touch and communicating our greater purpose as a company is important for everyone to feel that they are contributing meaningfully to a bigger cause.
• Lisa truly believes that diversity of thought and opinion is what makes us stronger and everyone is safe and empowered to voice opinions on how we can achieve greater success and growth. As a leader, she drives transparency, accountability, and teamwork as non-negotiables, all while having fun and laughing at ourselves during the journey. And it's working! The Marketing team is regarded as a model team within Irdeto, with high engagement and our eNPS scores are above the company as a whole.