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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving as threat actors continually find new ways to attack organizations. Meanwhile, security awareness education has not kept pace resulting in employees being blamed when breaches do occur. Living Security is on a mission to transform employees into their organization’s greatest security assets by providing security awareness training that is truly effective at changing behaviors.

Instead of boring, check-the-box training that is immediately forgotten, Living Security brought engaging, comprehensive and memorable cybersecurity training that is 16 times more effective than traditional learning platforms to market when it was founded in 2017. This training came in the form of physical escape rooms the team would set up in a conference room for employees to work through. In 2020, when pandemic hit, the company pivoted and built CyberEscape Online, where teams compete in a digital escape room experience, solve puzzles and learn about better cyber hygiene still using an immersive and collaborative approach.

Now, Living Security is pioneering Human Risk Management to give enterprises a platform that aggregates companies’ existing security data into insights to quantify and prioritize human cybersecurity risks. Combined with industry leading training approach to change behaviors, the company’s new platform allows clients to leverage analytics and insights to track the riskiest employees and offer targeted training to change their behaviors and reward vigilant and positive security habits.

In just four years, Living Security was founded on a new idea for cybersecurity training, pivoted to support clients when the pandemic hit and employees were working mostly from home; then continued that innovation into a new human risk management category and platform that is the next evolution in monitoring and preventing cybersecurity incidents by changing human behaviors.

How we are different

As a relatively new company, Living Security continues to innovate to support security and IT leaders to ensure their companies are as secure as possible, starting with employees. The pivots the company has taken to support this mission and success that has been achieved in a short period of time, indicates the industry is ready for a change in the way they’ve trained employees in the past and for a new partner to help.

Living Security has gone beyond typical cybersecurity training programs to build a new Human Risk Management platform that combines training with engagement and retention measurement. The platform helps organizations provide employees with timely and engaging training to help them make the right decisions and reinforce security awareness.

Living Security’s security awareness programs provide interactive, comprehensive and memorable lessons that employ gamification to keep users engaged and invested in success. The platform offers digital team-based training through CyberEscape Online and individual training delivered via bite-sized modules and interactive puzzles to reinforce concepts learned through the video content. Users are also recognized and rewarded for making cybersecurity a priority to encourage long-lasting behavior change.