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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


LogicGate is an agile risk and compliance process automation platform that helps organizations transform mission critical governance, risk, and compliance processes by enhancing controls, increasing flexibility, and reducing risk for organizations across industries like healthcare, tech, finance, energy, and more.

LogicGate’s platform combines flexibility with ease-of-use. Our platform integrates with the way businesses currently manage their risk and compliance processes, and helps improve efficiency and adoption. Our no-code application builder allows customers to get started quickly with pre-built applications that they can modify with simple drag-and-drop functionality. While simplicity and ease-of-use set us apart, they never come at the cost of effectiveness: the platform helps organizations recognize security vulnerabilities and support defense mechanisms to solidify the safety of the business.

The LogicGate platform offers businesses a single source of truth for all of their risk data. With our centralized repository for critical documents and easy-to-use dashboards, organizations can easily keep track of all compliance workflows across their organization and ensure that there is always a complete, auditable activity record available. LogicGate also offers reporting, documentation, and sign off features to help companies keep a comprehensive record of their compliance activities.

In a time when data breaches seem to make headlines on a monthly basis, the need for powerful, flexible risk and compliance tools has never been greater. LogicGate provides companies with the powerful tools and critical insight needed to properly manage their governance, risk, and compliance programs.

How we are different

- Legacy risk and compliance solutions are historically inflexible, demanding significant financial investment and time to implement. LogicGate’s self-service platform empowers users to configure and automate business processes without requiring coding skills, enabling organizations to easily create repeatable, flexible processes for risk and compliance.
- LogicGate’s platform is revolutionary because it’s completely configurable and quickly deployable. Unlike the typical experience with legacy GRC solutions, LogicGate’s customers don’t have to wait a whole year to fully implement the solution and see results. In fact, with a helpful assist from our Customer Success team, customers get up-and-running in as little as 100 days and report seeing ROI in as little as 7 months. Our library of configurable, prebuilt process applications makes implementation simple and straightforward.
- With LogicGate, users have the power to link different parts of their GRC programs together to create new perspectives and reveal new insights. They can connect programs, applications, controls, and policies through our powerful Graph database technology. Aggregating data, collaborating across teams, and spinning up reports are simple thanks to a flexible data model that permits one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships.