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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Lucidum is the AI-powered asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security, and IT operations through a patent-pending Machine Learning and proprietary data ingestion platform. Fortune 500 companies leverage Lucidum’s limitless visibility to discover, triangulate, and identify all cyber assets, even those previously unknown, and take action by prioritizing and mitigating risks.

Integrating with industry-leading cybersecurity tools, Lucidum provides a singular platform that connects assets to insights. By leveraging universal search, users can immediately take action and dive into the details that matter most to them, their team, and their stakeholders.

With Lucidum’s limitless visibility, organizations can secure, manage, and transform their enterprise.

How we are different

There isn’t a constant state when it comes to a company's users, assets or data. Enterprise IT and security must constantly adapt and respond to challenges around controlling unknowns, defending the attack surface, and securing sensitive information. Lucidum helps enterprises answer the questions of "What do I have?", "What's happening with it?", and "How should I manage it?". Then allowing them to take direct action through Lucidum's platform to investigate, analyze, or mitigate any discoveries.

More and more enterprise businesses are realizing the necessity of cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM). It has become an integral part of the tech stack and eliminates the need for outside agents and scanners. Although the cybersecurity market has always been littered with asset management attempts, no tool has solved the problem completely for large enterprises because their accuracy is dependent on data that is often insufficient. Lucidum sets itself apart by extrapolating insights, using Machine Learning, and taking all of the tools already invested to make them work together instead of in disparate silos. Lucidum can connect with any data source, including manually assembled spreadsheets, to remove blindspots. The platform automates analysis of consolidated information to reveal the true risks — allowing organizations to prioritize the extrapolated data, rather than manually researching. Using this method, Lucidum was able to help a customer create a dashboard showing all instances of the Log4j vulnerability in their environment in less than 10 minutes, so they could start eliminating risk.

Unlike its competitors, Lucidum is able to record ephemeral assets which disappear after a short period of time. These assets are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception and a vulnerability could be easily missed if not monitored. Lucidum’s platform garners a complete view of the attack surface including these ephemeral assets.