Additional Info

CompanyMage Data
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Mage Data offers a comprehensive database security mechanism by seamlessly anonymizing sensitive data across your data landscape. It helps you secure sensitive data through robust anonymization measures and enables you to monitor databases and applications with near real-time reporting continuously. Mage enables enterprise-wide security and regulatory compliance by taking a risk-elimination approach.

How we are different

1. One-stop shop for database security
Mage platform has enabled global leaders to share data confidently while reducing the risk of carrying sensitive data by up to 95%.

2. Purpose-built to solve global enterprise data security issues
Built from the ground up – so shared intelligence, easy deployment, etc. Most, if not all, competition products are produced through acquisitions or partnerships and are rarely constructed from the ground up. The Mage platform is a single, integrated platform that has been purpose-built to solve the issue of data security faced by global enterprises. Being a single integrated platform, each of Mage's product modules works seamlessly, and the intelligence garnered can be shared across the modules. While Mage provides capabilities within the individual modules, it can also integrate seamlessly with existing solutions that organizations may possess to ensure smooth functioning with the IT landscape of the customer.

3. Data store compatibility options
Unlike most of our competitors, the Mage platform is compatible with a wide variety of data stores that include both the legacy data stores and the new-gen data stores hosted on-cloud or on-premises.