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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Malwarebytes, the leader in endpoint protection and remediation, made several cybersecurity advancements throughout 2018. This year, the company launched its Endpoint Protection and Response solution, which provides proven endpoint protection with integrated detection and response capabilities via a single agent, adding another innovation security solution to its portfolio. Malwarebytes also extended its Endpoint Protection product offering to include enterprise Mac devices.

In addition to launching new products, Malwarebytes also remained committed to expanding across existing platforms including Google Chromebooks and iOS, which is the first app to offer call and web protection for Safari.

The underpinning of Malwarebytes’ continued leadership and innovation comes from its global Labs team and cutting-edge research. Malwarebytes researchers work around the clock to investigate breaches and developments in the cybercrime landscape, while providing context for the general public to understand risks and thought leadership for breaking news stories. The commentary and insight provided by the Malwarebytes Labs team has been at the forefront of global cybercrime events, detailing the reality of cyberattacks and evolving threats.

Malwarebytes award-winning protection and remediation tools continue to fuel the company’s growth. To date, Malwarebytes has more than 750 employees, millions of customers around the world, $80 million in venture capital and revenue that is estimated to be upwards of $150 million. Malwarebytes products have been downloaded more than 500 million times and have removed more than five billion pieces of malware.

How we are different

• Widespread consumer adoption leads to business sales. Malwarebytes was originally developed as a free consumer product that protected individual users from malware and other computer threats. The familiarity and trust that users developed in Malwarebytes’ consumer products have led to enterprise growth as more and more people are recommending Malwarebytes at work or bringing the consumer product onto work machines. Malwarebytes for Business is rapidly growing with even more innovation in the MSP space planned for the coming year. More than seven million threats are detected or blocked every day with Malwarebytes technology.
• Superior Endpoint Protection. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a leader in the market because it has been developed to make it easy not only on endpoint users, but also on the IT professionals who work to implement it on larger numbers of machines. Unlike other endpoint solutions, Malwarebytes offers superior protection at a reduced cost. The less complex install process allows Malwarebytes products to be installed across multiple device types, platforms, and software preferences efficiently and without leaving a large application footprint. Customers have cited these as just some of the many reasons why they chose to implement Malwarebytes as their endpoint solution over the competition.
• Industry-Leading Research Team. The threat research team at Malwarebytes Labs is one of the company’s greatest strengths. They go beyond the products and services provided by actively investigating and reporting on the latest trends in malware and as a result, feed these updates into their solutions to better protect their customer base and end user. For Malwarebytes matching-based technologies, including web protection and anti-malware, there are between 8-12 updates performed every day on average. These updates are automatically pushed out to ensure maximum detection capabilities against both known and unknown cybersecurity threats. From May - October 2018 alone, Malwarebytes Labs