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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


ManagedMethods is a Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 data security and student safety platform for K-12 schools. As the only cloud application security platform focused on the needs of K-12 IT admins, ManagedMethods makes cloud security easy for K-12 school districts. The ManagedMethods platform merges cloud application security tools, including malware and phishing protection, account monitoring, and data loss prevention with cyber safety features, including content and image inspection. This provides IT teams with full visibility into the content inside emails, file sharing apps, documents, shared files, images, photos and more.

ManagedMethods offers standard and customizable policy monitoring features to cover a school district’s compliance requirements and to protect students against cyberbullying, self-harm, and exposure to inappropriate content. Additionally, ManagedMethods helps under-budgeted and understaffed K-12 IT teams detect and protect against cybersecurity threats, quarantine sensitive information and remediate risks before they impact student safety or compromise identities.

K-12 school districts use email and cloud applications such as G Suite and Office 365 for everything from storing student, parent and staff information, to group projects and lesson planning. However, these applications also come with serious security and compliance challenges. With ManagedMethods, district administration leaders can be confident that students and staff are protected in the cloud.

How we are different

Built for K-12: ManagedMethods uses an application's native APIs to secure not only access to the application, but also control the activity taking place within the application. This means users have full control to quarantine, delete, and revoke access to any files, folders, email and OAuth applications connected to their cloud environment regardless of whether or not a user has accessed it from within the organization's network. For the company's education customers, ManagedMethods also helps K-12 schools scan for student safety risk signals in G Suite and Office 365 to identify risks, restrict access, and notify the appropriate people for early intervention.

Customizable and scalable: ManagedMethods allows users to customize rules and policies to prevent data loss, automatically quarantine malware threats with machine learning powered threat detection, run compliance audits, and automate the remediation of any policy violations within the organization. For student safety in K-12 schools, rules and policies can be created to help monitor for risks, including self harm, cyber bullying, inappropriate behavior, profanity, explicit content and more. The platform is also scalable to handle any increase, or decrease, in school district size as this number fluctuates every school year.

Easy to use, with no user impact: ManagedMethods is consistently rated as the most user-friendly solution, which separates the company from the competition in the K-12 education sector. ManagedMethods was built for K-12 education IT and InfoSec managers with small teams, and budgets. Within minutes of activation, customers gain visibility and control of their G suite and Office 365 environments without the need for special training or network changes. This is a huge benefit for teams working in K-12 who may be wearing multiple hats and cannot focus entirely on cybersecurity alone.