Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


In an effort to mitigate risk, organizations are adopting security controls faster than ever before. But along with these controls comes a plethora of data and intrusion alerts, increasing workloads for security teams who are already overburdened and stretched thin. And with time wasted sifting through false positive alerts, security teams don’t have the ability to identify active or past compromises quickly and stop attackers before they impact the business.

Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense embeds Mandiant know-how into its software, enabling security teams to diagnose situations faster, more accurately and with less waste due to benign indicators or false positive alerts. Security teams get an early knowledge advantage over attackers and can identify critical IOCs from Mandiant’s active breaches and expert alert investigative analysis to remediate potential incidents quickly.

Through pre-built data science models and intelligent algorithms created by Mandiant experts and enriched with the latest threat intelligence from the Mandiant Intel Grid, security teams can perform more effectively and efficiently by preserving analyst time, reducing costly security engineering and enhancing detection and response capabilities.

In October 2021, Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense reduced more than 54 billion customer alerts down to less than 2,300 prioritized investigations.

How we are different

The status quo of SecOps is not working. Analysts are overwhelmed with workloads and a fear of missing incidents. Yet data will only continue to grow, and without a significant increase in human expertise, it is impossible for organizations to win the global war on cyber crime.

Mandiant Automated Defense is designed to solve this problem. Supporting more than 70 security technologies, cloud platforms and network management tools, Automated Defense enables security teams to leverage the tools they already have today and funnel all data into one SaaS platform with little effort.

Automated Defense is optimized to filter tons of data down to what matters. Rather than being overwhelmed by a non-stop influx of raw data, security professionals can now be curious, creative and collaborative.

Below are just a few industry-leading differentiators that are unique to Automated Defense:

- Does not require playbooks, rules or scripts as all of the intelligence is built-in to the application. 

- Unlike any other solution on the market, the Automated Defense uses machine learning to eliminate false positives and only escalate actionable incidents for investigation and remediation. 

- Automated Defense can ask questions like a human analyst, but it is done with 100% consistency, massive scale – it considers 60 to 100 facts at a time.