Mandiant Managed Defense

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionService


Threat detection and response is one of the biggest responsibilities for security teams, it’s also the most challenging. Every day, security teams are inundated with an average of 10,000 alerts—far more than they have resources or time needed to address. Even with powerful tools that detect advanced attacks and help manage response, organizations often lack experience to prioritize events that matter.

Mandiant Managed Defense solves this problem by helping organizations defend their business across endpoints, networks, cloud and ICS/OT assets. Managed Defense allows organizations the flexibility to keep their existing technologies and provides the specialized expertise they need. Managed Defense automates SOC processes and integrates attacker research in real time, enabling organizations to detect evil faster and reducing the time attackers dwell in the environment. Organizations can rest assure knowing that Mandiant is working 24/7 to monitor security controls for impactful events, uncover hidden adversaries and respond before attacks impact their business.

How we are different

Mandiant Managed Defense provides customers peace of mind that they’re protected from impactful cyber attacks regardless of the attack vector — all born from the Mandiant legacy of finding evil and solving crime.

Below are just a few industry-leading differentiators that are unique to Mandiant Managed Defense:

- Industry-Leading Intelligence: Managed Defense elite threat hunters are constantly fueled by Mandiant’s global cyber threat intelligence and incident response insights and intelligence gained on the frontlines of the world’s most consequential cyber attacks.

- Time to Remediation: Managed Defense experts conduct threat hunting across endpoints, network, email, cloud and logs providing comprehensive visibility of the environment. They surface the most impactful events and use proven response tactics for swift, decisive action and remediation in minutes, not hours.

- Flexible Service: Managed Defense supports a wide array of products and vendors, from endpoint to network to cloud telemetries.