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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief Technology Officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Intelligent Waves LLC
Company size (employees)100 to 499
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


As the CTO of Intelligent Waves (IW), Marqus Hutchinson has responsibility for establishing IW’s technical vision and leading all aspects of its technology development to include the IT Department, Training, R&D, and T&E activities. Hutchinson brings experience in Technical Integration, Network Architecting, Data Center Design, Security, Telecommunications Operations, Mobility, and Daily IT Infrastructure Sustainment to an assortment of DOD and DOJ Programs. Additionally, he has served as the Program Manager, Chief Architecture Engineer, and Technical Solutions Architect for DOD and DOJ programs worldwide..

Facing adversities as a child, growing up in the deep south, economically challenged, in a single-parent home, and having to relocate multiple times, Hutchinson never gave up. He was selected to be part of the American Chemical Society Project SEED (Summer Experiences for the Economically Disadvantaged) Program. That is where his love for IT blossomed. Because of personal life experiences, Hutchinson believes it’s all about giving back and showing the value of excellent education and mentorship. He mentors young people in STEM and inspires a new generation of Government IT professionals to innovate, and give back to communities in need. As a veteran, he supports Warriors Ethos, a nonprofit that helps wounded warriors and returning veterans adjust to life and find career placement in Government IT with high paying jobs and rewarding paths.

Additionally, Hutchinson is a mentor to Western Governors University students helping them to better themselves and build a winning career trajectory. He also runs IW’s Admin to Engineer (A2E) Program. Each participant of the A2E program receives a customized growth plan to become a cleared Integration Engineer in one of IW’s hard-to-fill positions. Through training, mentoring, and on-the-job practice, inexperienced employees gain the skills they need to work as capable members of IW’s Installation & Integration Services or Professional Services team.


1. Hutchinson’s innovative technology leadership has proactively helped elevate Government IT as IW launched GRAYPATH and Phantom solutions.

GRAYPATH (GP) is the next generation of expeditionary communications. Through its patented IP Spread Spectrum technology, GP leverages the cloud to randomize and distribute message packets through the simultaneous use of multiple transport paths and encrypted channels. GP algorithms optimize throughput by continuously sensing and adjusting message flow creating a smoother connection.

Phantom Next Generation provides the ability for organizations to access foreign points of presence to conduct remote open-source information gathering and research while at the same time protecting organizations and individuals from exposure to foreign intelligence. IW has achieved this by combining the GRAYPATH software-defined obfuscated network with the managed attribution capability of the Phantom platform in a secure but unclassified package.

2. Recently, Hutchinson has built and deployed an innovative way to accelerate the reliable delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions to the military, on-demand, without compromising operational excellence and quality with the successful launch of IW's Research and Integration Division (RaID). The RaID is a purpose-driven Innovation Center that serves the function of a rapid response elite team of subject matter experts who have the proven capability to deliver cutting-edge solutions worldwide, at a competitive cost, with a quick time-to-market.

3. Additionally, Hutchinson has implemented the Admin to Engineer (A2E) Program. A2E is a professional development opportunity for entry-level non-cleared administration and technical employees. Comprehensive training helps participants reach their full potential in a high-demand technology area. Upon successfully completing all the courses and exams, graduates can begin their careers as skilled Integration Engineers.