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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Medigate is the industry’s first and leading dedicated medical device security and asset management platform, enabling providers to deliver secure, connected care. Medigate fuses the knowledge and understanding of medical workflow and device identity and protocols with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats. With Medigate, hospital networks can safely operate all medical devices on their network, enabling deployment of existing and new devices to patients while ensuring privacy and safety.

Integrated with over 600 facilities worldwide, Medigate provides the types of insights and capabilities that allow decision makers to employ data-validated processes to their most pressing concerns whether that’s securing devices on the hospital network or locating missing assets needed for patient care. No matter a health delivery organization’s (HDO) priority, Medigate is able to seamlessly enjoin workflow and security to work alongside clinicians and hospital staff, rather than hinder their progress.

How we are different

Medigate leads the market with its technology and expertise. As the first company to provide a dedicated healthcare IoT and medical device security platform, it ensures full visibility of network connected devices. Our healthcare focus solves problems for healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) beyond the detection and protection offered by others. We address the risk management concerns of the security analysts, network-centric prevention for IT security, superior clinical detection and response for the SOC, and clinical asset optimization for clinical engineering. Together this provides a holistic approach to network security and managing connected devices.

The current pandemic has proven that Medigate is a necessary business solution to ensure protection, security and efficiency for all patients and stakeholders in the hospital. As cyberattacks increased, Medigate worked tirelessly to protect its hospital partners from these threats, but also provided real-time visibility and understanding of where all devices existed on the network – insights that were further leveraged to locate critical equipment and make improved care decisions. As we move into 2021, Medigate’s mission is to help HDOs further recover from the challenges of COVID-19. As HDOs adjust to new care delivery paradigms that prioritize remote care and telehealth, Medigate will play a pivotal role in helping IT leaders develop and maintain proper connected-medicine security protocols to ensure effective, patient-safe care.

In addition to industry recognition from analysts at Forrester, CBInsights, KLAS, and media publications including CRN and Forbes, Medigate has a powerful partner network. Whether on a direct basis; by fueling other existing workflows with missing data; or via powerful integrations to existing security infrastructure, Medigate’s data quality is operationalized across the security ecosystem. Medigate presents a forward-looking view of what cybersecurity should be, that is being acted upon, as evidenced by our platform’s adoption and partnerships. “You should walk Medigate into every ISE